Friday, September 27, 2013

Week ONE!!

Hello Everyone!!!!
This is me reporting from the MTC! Me as in Sister Foster. :D I love being all official with my cute little name tag. I'm loving the MTC!!! To start things off I have an AWESOME companion, Sister Sorenson. She's from SLC and is so strong in the gospel. She's really fun and a great conversationalist. She's a big sports person, but misses music as much as I do. We've been doing a lot of companionship study for our investigator Candice, and I love that as I draw closer to God I draw closer to her as well as our investigator. I haven't even met her, but I already feel so much love for Candice. When Sister Sorenson and I were studying this time before last about the subjects we should probably focus on I let her share first... and she shared almost the exact same lesson I had put together. We had 2 out of 3 scriptures that were exactly the same... It's so inspiring to see how Heavenly Father has a specific plan for each of his children. 
  Yesterday was pretty cool, we really got to know our district... and our zone (though not as well). I'm just gonna do a quick run through of our district. There's Elder Jones and Elder Bennett. Elder Jones is from Chicago, he's a ginger who loves cars and powerlifting... He's built like the Hulk. Elder Bennett looks and acts a lot like Ben Fleshman and has a lower voice than Trent Rogers. Everyone calls him Nephi. Elder Smith and Elder Peterson are the other leaders in our district. Elder Smith is the District Leader and is really fun and insightful. Elder Peterson was a hip-hop instructor and is always full of energy. Both want to go into buisness and have very similar personalities. They even have the same shoulder bag... which is very comical because they are built the same way, though one is taller, have similar wardrobes and to top it off the same bag... they are totally twins. :D Sister Deshauer and Sister Mackliet are the other sister companions and they are twins in everything but looks, where one is fair the other dark... It's fun. 
   Oh!!! By the way, Yesterday Sister Sorenson and I were called to be the Sister Training Leaders for our Zone as well as 3 new districts coming in on wednesday. As far as we can tell they are like the combined Zone and District leaders for the Sisters. It's pretty legit and both of us are super excited as we study and do our best to prepare for that. Besides lots of studying and lots of eating that's pretty much all that has happened. I'm so glad we're in West Campus! Our apartments are super nice and we only have to share the shower with one companionship besides our companion. I love love love love the MTC and am sooooo glad that I decided to come on a mission! I know I have so much to learn but I just can't wait till I can go out into the field!!!!!!!!!!! I love you all and hope all is well with you. 
Sister Foster <3
Taylor and her cousin Elder Thomas Vance at the MTC

Taylor and her District in Provo

Zone Sisters

Taylor and her companion

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