Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A week of many happenings...

Nov. 4, 2013

This week was in a word… Busy. It was Halloween so we were doing a lot of service inviting and encouraging ward members to invite to the Halloween party… We also raked a TON of leaves… Since you can't sneeze without hitting a tree here fall is pretty messy and one of the best ways to get peoples attention is to rake their bajillion leaves (in a skirt sometimes) and then say you don't want any money. So, since our finding has been kinda week we went to work. All I want to say more on this subject is thank you to everyone who improved my work ethic!!! I've needed it.
 I got to carve 2 pumpkins this season, One is an alligator (my biggest fear) the other is a snake (Sister Bradfords biggest fear) we worked really well together…. She took out the guts (her favorite part and my least favorite) and I carved ( my favorite and her least). I got to meet Miss M____ she's a hoot!!! She's super sweet, but even though she's our responsibility (she doesn't like elders) she's not in our area so we can't see her very often. She's super funny in that she accepts the principles until they become inconvenient… So if you could pray for her to help her testimony overcome her hesitations… I know it comes down to agency and we can't force her to do anything… but prayers help. 
  The day of the Christmas party was amazing! We helped set up and remind people to invite people and then had 3 different lessons with progressing investigators. Then we were asked to judge chili… Which was awesome, but made it difficult to talk with the people we invited so that was definitely a learning experience. We also got to meet a woman named R____, she just got moved out of our area but is Sister Bradford's favorite person. She was a navy nurse stationed in Bethesda and New York until she retired. She's 82 and last week she Finally accepted a baptismal date, as long as she can quit smoking then she's golden. 
 The next day (halloween) we got permission to help the other sisters surprise R____ and come clean her apartment… When we got there we knocked, it took her pretty long to get to the door so we got worried… when she finally unlocked the door we found out that she had had to crawl because she couldn't walk! She was in so much pain we had to carry her to the sofa and call the Elders to come give a blessing. After helping her to the bathroom, and carrying her to a chair we started calling. We called the doctors, members, and her daughter to see what was the most appropriate thing to do. The daughter couldn't take her mother to the doctor but gave us permission. After the Blessing the Walnut Grove sisters and a member took her to the doctor who then admitted her to the hospital. Apparently her gout might actually be cellulitis or some such… She kept saying over and over, You were sent from God. It was so beautiful to have that added witness that we are in fact called of God to act in his name. :D :D
  Yesterday I taught relief society, and was asked to give a talk for next week. It's a good thing that we have an hour study everyday! I love this gospel, and this mission and I wish I could share all the wonderful things that have happened so far!!! I love you all, and pray for you. Hope to hear from you soon.
Sister Foster

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