Monday, October 14, 2013

First area: Germantown, Tennessee ..... Howdy, Ya'll!

Dearest Everyone,
I absolutely LOVE Tennesse. Everyone tells me that I've come at the best time of year and to buckle up because it's gonna get crazy... But I'm just so happy I can't dread it. It's so gorgeous. I'm in the nicest parts of Tennesse which means several things... Every house looks like a Million Bucks (prolly cause it costs a million... unless realestate is less expensive here). It also means that practically NOBODY "Wants nothin' to do wif all y'all" which is fine. Although it makes me a little sad inside because they have no Idea what they are missing out on. The other thing about living here is I'm living with a member with my companion Sister Bradford :D I love her :D in a house that takes my breath away... I told her the other day, if this is sacrificing then I wanna sacrifice my whole life!!! Maybe that's a little greedy... but seriously, it's gorgeous.
The other awesome thing about Tennesse is that apparently I'm a good luck charm! My first night we dropped off my stuff and went to some appointments we had. There is one Family Sister S... and her husband  J.... and their three kids... Sister Bradford had never met them so we were both clueless as we went to see them. We went in and started talking to Sister S... while Brother J... watched the Kids outside... we prayed, and after a little discussion we watched The Resoration DVD and talked about Joseph Smith and how she felt and the Book of Mormon and after a lot of question answer we committed her to be baptised!!! She said YES!!! My first day!!! Thank you Heavenly Father, I love you, I love you, I love you! Anyways after that we invited her to Read the Book of Mormon and pray and come to church... More Yes'. Then we set up a time to come the next day. We went to our next appointment and prayed and chatted but ended up rescheduling with her (her name is Sandra) because she was busy. Then we went home cause it was late... Sister Bradford then told me that they haven't had a Baptism in Germantown in 4 years!!! So please please please pray for Sharon that she'll follow through on her commitment. The next day we went over to Sister S....'s and guess what?! We committed J..... to be baptised as well (after much heartfelt and spirit filled discussion of doctrine of course). Their Kids are all 5 and younger so they can't be baptised yet.... Anyways with Sister Bradford's 2 investigators Sister T... and Brother Q..... as well as S.... and J.... I'm hoping that we can break the no-baptism-in-germantown-for-four-years streak. I love the hope that is here!!!
  I also love how green it is... although the plants are a little weird... still pretty though!!! Although I'm kinda scared cause there are lots of snakes here and the bugs are freaky... there's this one that looks like a flying earwig... And yes, I screamed. But afterwards I laughed and all was well in the heart of Sister Foster. Oh my goodness I wish I could tell you everything that has happened! It's all so wonderful and beautiful, and even though the people here either want nothing to do with us or NOTHING to do with us... I'm filled with this immeasurable love for them. It's really weird in an awesome and wonderful way. I don't know if I'm being a little to imformal but just in case y'all didn't know... the Gospel is Super Amazing and I love it so so much.
 I have a confession... I have become very attatched to the word y'all. The southern accent is actually very endearing and even though I probably will never like it coming from my lips... i like to hear it. :D and I do like saying y'all.
 OH!! So General Conference was the best :D and my favorite was Dube.... Uchtdorf was a close second. I have about 10 pages of notes from General conference so I couldn't really begin to tell you how much I got from it. What's weird is that the more closely I paid attention the faster it went. It actually made me quite sad... I can't wait for April! :D Sigh, My joy is full! I've never been so happy :D I know there's more to tell but I just can't remember it all. I hope everything is well with you all!!! I love you so much! Have the best week. My next transfer date is Novemeber 20th so you can write me at the address above till then. :D Please do in fact. I shall talk to y'all later!
~Sister Foster
Taylor's first glimpse of Memphis, Tennessee


  1. what mailing address was she referring to? I would like it please.

  2. Taylor, email us tomorrow on our family email from your missionary email account so we can respond to you . Love Mom and Dad