Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And it came to pass

This week a lot of things came to pass, but my favorite event was our two investigators T__ and Q__ got their baptismal interviews and PASSED!!! Eeeek!!! There hasn't been a baptism in 4 years here so I feel super excited and kinda nervous that this baptism goes through. If you could all pray for T__ to have the strength she needs to not smoke this week... I couldn't ever express to you how grateful I'd be. Okay... now that I've spoiled the climax I'd best get on to the rest of the week.
  So our week kinda started on Wednesday because that was specialized training and let me tell you they named it wrong, it should be called the Big Spiritual Bang. Outside of a prayerfully considered conference session, and a prayerfully considered temple session... this was hands down The most overwhelmingly amazing experience of my life. In some ways it was more intense just because it was very interactive. We learned a completely different and very bold approach for street contacting, as well as a lot of inspired ways to study effectively and personally. The teachers were fantastic and I'm afraid that I was so in awe I missed a lot of the information... I wish that I could take a tape recorder everywhere... and that personal studies were 4 times longer than they are.... then I might have a chance of remembering everything I learn through out the week. As it is, or even if that were so, I've become more and more grateful for the Holy Ghost. Sigh :D if it weren't for the Holy Ghost... I couldn't even tell you... Probably because I don't feel like it would be appropriate for me to quote disney movies... or anything besides the missionary approved library... which really limits my vocabulary. I never realized how much of my conversations were using someone elses words... Sad but true.
  Thursday we had exchanges and I got to meet my Sister Training Leader Sister Lunt who has opened 6 different areas, including spanish speaking (though she was called english), and trained most of the sisters in the field... in Missionary family she is my Great Aunt. We got along really really well and had a grand time spiritual harvesting as well as we committed one of our investigators D___ to be baptized... well, in all truthfulness D___ committed herself. We only asked if she would be willing to take the lessons again, and told her that as she learned more of Christ she would want to make commitments in order to grow closer to him and she said "Ya." We looked at each other and I swear I smiled so big I felt my jaw aching. :D I seriously cannot tell you how happy I am!!!!! The joy of bringing souls to God (and I mean myself as well as our investigators) is better than all the chocolate, movie nights, star gazing, fuzzy blankets, etc. In the Whole World. I admit that I've had to have a lot of hard and frustrating moments to really apprecicate these good things but... they've been worth the hard times and more. :D 
  I've learned so much this week I just wanna tell you everything at once but the most important thing that I've learned is how to put God first. I never realised how much gravity I put on being able to talk things out with my family and friends, or even how I prioritized it... but the longer I've been in the field the better I've been able to understand that the best person to talk things over with is Heavenly Father. I've never felt so close to heaven as I've relayed my doings and feelings and shortcomings to Heavenly Father because despite everything I feel this overwhelming understanding and love that no one else could ever, ever, give me. :D Best prayers ever. And because I'm a missionary I would invite all of you to do the same. :D
  We have a new investigator (officially) since we just started to teach Sa___. She's amazing, she pretty much taught us the importance of prayer and how to feel the Holy Ghost when we were there... I feel like it might take a long time to get through all the lessons with her just because she loves to ponder... but I feel like her conversion will be so strong because of it. :D I love it. Well I could write lots more but to quote Nephi "the things I write Sufficeth me" :D I love you all and I know this Gospel is true. My prayers are with you.
Sister Foster
Sister "Selfie"

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