Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Cookie Catastrophe

Well, this week has gone by super duper fast! A lot of wonderful things have happened and so as life goes, a lot of sad things have happened as well. From now on I shall call sad things growing experiences. Done! Okay so our first growing experience was having my first two investigators S___ and J___ who I invited to be baptized (they accepted) have gotten involved in some anti church... I guess it happens a lot in the south seeing as Memphis has one of the largest Anti Libraries... but, I wish I could describe to you the feelings I've experienced as I talked with S___. We'd only met with her and her boyfriend 2 times but I had already come to love them more than I could've imagined before my mission. When she turned the message aside I felt my love for her and my sadness for her decision collide and when we walked away I admit I shed a couple tears... I know she had felt the spirit, but still she made her choice. But despite that, I love her, and I have this overwhelming knowledge that I always will. When I was set apart and told that I would have an increase in love I had no idea how that would be. I know now. Christ's love is so beautiful and I'm so grateful to take part of it.
 Our baptism for T___ and Q____ got moved back a week because of Word of Wisdom problems... If you could pray for Her (T___) We'd really appreciate it. This transfer is 1/2 way over!!! CRAZY stuff right there. Sister Bradford and I have begun to get pretty close and I wish that we could be together one more transfer... but we both have the feeling that She'll be leaving... She say's I'm going to stay here and train... but I just can't imagine being asked to train so early so I say that I'll get transferred out too.... We'll see what happens. 
  Okay so now it's time for the funny story, We've had loads but this one's pretty great. We've been making cookies and fliers for the Trunk or treat for investigators and in actives and at one house... Sister P___ was driving us and she wanted to drop some cookies at her inactive visiting teaching sister's house. We drove up and knocked... nobody answered, she made the comment that it looked like they had gotten a new car as we drove away. She texted the sister and said the cookies were on her porch and the sister replied saying nothing was there... Yup, some random somebody got our cookies and invite. We went back to the house to retrieve said precious items to give to the correct person.... they were gone. I don't know which made me feel more silly, the fact we were going to take them back, or the fact we couldn't. Either way... we just gave her a different plate and laughed about it.... it was hilarious though... the whole time Sister P___ was saying how embarrassing, how she'd been teaching this woman for 10 yrs and she couldn't even remember who's house it was and such. I don't think I ever have laughed so hard as when I saw her expression of absolute horror when She got the text. Bahahaha!!! 
   Quick note before I go. Our Primary Program was yesterday and 2 of our investigators H___ and T____ as well as Brother D____(he's a dry mormon). My testimony of being as a little child was increased by 10-fold AT LEAST!!! H&T are interesting investigators and right now we've felt impressed to only teach in the view of "What if it's True" and testify of the experiences we've had that it is.... This primary program was PERFECT. can I say that again??? PERFECT!!! :D :D :D I was soooooo happy!!! It taught everything with perfect plainness, sincerity, and adorableness. Sigh, so so so happy. We're having FHE with H&T tonight so hopefully it will be productive. :D Pray for us! 
Love y'all, hope to hear from y'all soon.
Sister Foster

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