Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Taylor phones home

    I received a call from Taylor this week as she transferred from the MTC to her Mission Home in Little Rock, Arkansas. She had a little difficulty with the payphone at Phoenix Airport (where she had a long layover). First, she couldn't get the phone card to work, so she had to use her emergency money. Then, we kept getting interference and disconnected. It was very frustrating, as we had both looked forward to the opportunity to talk, and couldn't get a full sentence in. I called her back one last time and said that I loved her and to be safe, before we were disconnected again. It was not a happy way to leave the call, but we had to recognize it was what we were going to get.
   However, as Taylor boarded the plane and was waiting to leave the gate, Taylor and the lady sitting with her started to chat, when this fine lady found out what had happened, she generously offered Taylor the use of her phone.
   We only had about 3 minutes before the phone had to be off, but we took them. I was pleased to hear she was in good spirits, in high anticipation and oozing exhilaration at the opportunity to get going in the work. It put my mind at ease to hear her optimism and joy. I was being such a worry-wart (a specialty of mothers, I hear.) Taylor said that Her experience at the MTC was incredible. She said that they had the best teachers, the best Spirit, and the that she had the best companion in the whole world...and that she loved everything about her training there.
   I was so grateful that the Lord put such a kind and generous lady in the path of Taylor, so that we could have our farewell chat. I pray that the Lord will bless this neighbor-angel her for her kindness!! Whoever you are, Thank you!!!

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