Friday, October 4, 2013

Package JOY!

Once upon a time there was a Sister Missionary sitting in her classroom discussing how the last lesson went when her district leader walked in the door bearing a green slip with her name on it. For those of you who don't know, a green slip is the most exciting slip in the MTC because it means that not only do you have mail, you have... A PACKAGE!!! Yes this in itself is the highlight of your very bright and spiritual day, because for a few moments you're not just a Sister, you're a sister with a package. :D :D :D however, upon picking up said package she realized that there was no return address and it was written in a completely unfamiliar hand... So I'd just like to send out a very big and heartfelt thankyou for whoever it was that sent me those delicious fruit rolls... I cannot remember ever having such exemplary baking...

Elder Baxter of the Seventy
  This week has been Jam Packed with meetings, classes, seminars, and Investigator lessons. I wish that I could remember it all but unfortunately I forgot my journal at home. So bear with me. Sunday was a really cool devotional at main campus where the Temple mission president talked to us about the sacred nature of the Priesthood and the Sisters and also addressed the current demand from sisters to hold the priesthood. May I just add my comments to his... Sisters, if you feel you need the priesthood I would strongly advise you go through the temple and do the initiatory. The blessings in initiatory for the sisters is so wonderful and sacred... and the promises in there... ya, we don't need the priesthood. We've got to leave something for the Men ;) hahaha... okay this is sad. I've officially become one of the Missionaries that laugh at there own jokes... NOOOO hahaha. Monday we had our first TRC (teaching real converts) and we met Sister M. She's a super cute and fun girl who's friend just got married in the "Mormon Castle" and wanted to know more about it. It's been going really well, but she stood us up last night... If you could pray for us that would be awesome! Tuesday we had Elder Baxter of the 70 up here and I do believe he's officially tied with Elder Holland now. I wrote over 4 pages of notes and bawled like a baby when we were talking about all the things we learned. For some reason I've been having a really hard time being bold about things... I always want to hint and nudge and tiptoe.. It's a good thing Sister Sorenson is a head on sort of Sister/Gal. Wednesday was the best ever. We were at gym and Sister Meredith (the one from England going to Pocatello) was trying to do pull-ups and we decided to say it's like the Titanic and she just needs to pull herself up in order to keep from freezing... She froze. Anyways the rest of the week during gym we kept yelling "It's the Titanic!!!" over and over in hopes it would improve our game... surprisingly it did.... until we were doubled up laughing that is. Sister Meredith and I are BFF's and she say's that if I'm ever in England to never go to a Hotel and I can stay with her. She also says my accent is "quite brilliant" and I admit that my heart swelled with a bit more pride than is good for me.
It's the Titanic!
   Honestly I can't remember much else without my notes... I feel like my brain is a soggy cardboard box being shoved with way to much stuff... If it weren't for my notes I'm sure I'd go insane trying to remember everything. I've been having such a good time here. Everyone is so good and nice to me... If I weren't so anxious to get out into the field I'd admit that I'll miss this place, and the people in it. So in closing I'd just like to bear my testimony that I know this church is true and I'm absolutely positive that this is where I'm meant to be. I love and Miss you all, but Heavenly Father has kept me busy enough that I've never been homesick. :D I love him so much and know he loves you all too. Have a good life and keep me in your thoughts. Hoping to hear from you soon!!! Seriously though... Letters, Dear Elder, Paper??? PLEASE??? 
From your ever Patient, Hopeful,
Sister Foster <3

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