Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Survival... Season 9 3/4

Railroad bridge, Danville Arkansas
  This week was so cool, we survived several almost tornado's and lemme tell you, the best part of a big storm is how green it is afterwards. The greens here are so different than any other green I've ever seen... It's so enchanting here, the sun makes the colors shine and every few steps I find myself wanting to stop to admire the beauty of the Earth. :D IT'S GORGEOUS!!!! :D :D This week we've also had quite a few miracles... We were able to double our other lessons as we've been going through the Ward roster... Aaaaand we broke the record for church attendance in the Danville branch. There were 86!!!!!!! some of which were investigators... but we are so close to becoming a ward, if we can reactivate 10 more families we could easily become a ward! We are work work working to become a ward, and I know that the Lord is Hastening his work :D :D and we can achieve our goal, I hope I'm here long enough to see it :D Also... I found out that I may be related to some of the People on Mount Nebo... We were up there and started talking to some of the people to get directions (no we weren't lost....) hahaha and they told me they were cousins with some Foster's outta Mississippi... and I was like... No way, so we've begun teaching their family :D The Hearts of the children will turn to their 3rd cousins 4 times removed... jk I don't really know if we're related, but it's still pretty crazy. :D

Well y'all, I've discovered something... Christ truly is always mindful of us no matter what or where we are. I am so glad that his grace is always accesable no matter how badly we mess up, that he's there and his atonement can save us from anything and everything, especially ourselves. I never understood the Atonement, until I met this Recent Convert in the Danville ward. Everytime she messes up she has such great patience for herself and such great hope that she can be clean again... when I would have given up, and sunk into despair she looks up to Christ and see's all that she can become as she rely's on Him. I wrote a poem about it... but forgot it at home so I'll send it next week... but I just wanna testify, that the Atonement is real, and it's for all of us... that includes you. I love this Gospel!!! We heard a talk today by a High Councilman and he said he always ends his letters the same way, and I really liked it... here it is :D Remember who you are, Stay the course, and Keep the Faith :D there was something else but I've forgotten it :D well have a blessed week!
Sister Foster :D
“Because of Him” Video. This two-and-a-half minute video can be found, beginning April 13, at Mormon.org/BecauseofHim and shared with the hashtag #BecauseofHim.
 Watch this video because it's awesome! Happy Easter Y'all!!! Sorry I forgot... Holidays... whoops. :D Remember the reason for the season :D

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