Monday, April 21, 2014


Danville, AR  USA
 Well... I thought I could escape it, I thought there might be a way... But my hair is officially Frizzlin'. It's a pride thing, I know it is, Heavenly Father knew I needed to take a step back and realize that it doesn't matter how big my hair is... I'm still His daughter... but let me tell you, the struggle is real. Sigh, Okay.:D
 Now that I've got my complaining out lemme tell you about the Awesomeness of this past week. This past Monday, we got to meet with K____ from Mount Nebo again :D They are doing really well, The mom is Part Cherokee and some other tribe I don't remember and has really been enjoying the Book of Mormon. The daughter loaded us down with Key-chains she made (they glow in the dark- be jealous) :D haha. And we'll be meeting with them again this week :) Leann (a recent Convert from b4 I got here) got her Patriarchal Blessing this week and it was super cool to help prepare her and hear her feelings after she got it. I love how this Gospel/Christ is always providing us with more tools, more goals to shoot for, more ways to progress... because I've been able to see it change lives and people's outlook on life. :D The couple that I told you about that was a referral who introduced us to another couple... haven't been doing so well, but we're still working hard and have hope. :D We met A "Connoisseur of Handshakes" and he assessed My Companions handshake... he wouldn't assess mine out loud... I'm not sure what to think... hopefully it was just so amazing he didn't have the words...?
  Our Easter was wonderful! Thanks so much for all the well-wishing! We got to spend time with our Branch Presidents Family and our Church lessons and talks were beautiful... Our lesson on Prayer for Gospel Principles was the most Beautiful lesson on The Restoration. It blows my mind how powerful that Prayer was, and how it's changed so many lives. I am so grateful for Prayer, and the power we have access to through it. :D Thank you all for your prayers :D 
Have a blessed week,
Sister Foster :)
A foggy day on Mount Nebo. Rock outcroppings like this area make the state park popular with hikers and climbers.
Mt. Nebo (plateau at 1350 ft.) as viewed from Lake Dardanelle

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