Tuesday, May 20, 2014

*Disclaimer, Week may be too awesome... Please prepare yourselves* May 5th 2014

So, 1st off we got a call from the AP's telling us that we would be losing our car (Jeep Compass aka Teancum) 1st feeling= HEART BREAK, I don't remember if I've ever told y'all but I LOVE our Jeep, it's by far been my favorite car I've ever driven... but, then they told us we would be getting their truck... now I'm not a truck hater but i was pretty hesitant to give up my Teancum (the mighty warrior) for an unfamiliar truck... However, their Truck is LEGIT :) So life was awesome. We have to take some pretty sketchy roads sometimes and the truck does really well on them. :) YAY!!
 After that we had a Zone conference, It's President Petersen's last full transfer here... and in honor we're setting aside each week to work on a Christlike attribute. Last week I worked on Humility, this week I'm working on Patience. And may I just say Preach My Gospel is so amazing, I love love love this book! Anyways back to my main goal he announced that we were going to Velonia to help clean up Tornado damage. I was SOOOOO excited, I love helping people and just being there in hard times. I don't want to sound like a terrible person if I say it's one of my favorite things to be there in hard times... but I don't know how else to say it. So I was super excited. Let's just say... there are a lot of life changing moments, this was one of them. I've never ever seen this kind of damage... but to find baby pictures and stuffed animals and soccer trophies and stuff buried in woods and scattered miles away... It was very humbling. You remember what matters... i can't describe the full scene... the atmosphere is indescribable and yet through all the metal wrapped around trees, and the houses with only the floors left... there was this feeling of hope. We were in a group of 200 volunteers all in our yellow shirts, everyone was working really hard... and in some places working with volunteers from other religions just serving and loving and working side by side really gave me a taste of Heaven. John  16:33 is one of my favorite scriptures 'These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." I love that through Christ there is no such thing as a hopeless situation... :)
 A.. and A...... C..... (the golden couple) came to Church!!!!!!! :) It was probably the best Fast and Testimony meeting I've ever been in and a part of.... :) It was perfect, I love them so so so much. They've accepted a baptismal date and are progressing so well. The work has been hastened, I'm so glad Heavenly Father has let me have a place in it. :) I love this work, I love these people. I'm staying in Danville for another Transfer and Sister Broach is too :D :D
  OH!!! Another dream that came true, I've seen my first firefly in real life, they are super awesome and cool... I freaked out a little when i saw it. Also the Hummingbirds are here and we saw about 10 of them walking out of a nursing home, all different kinds and colors. :D <3 I love nature, and hummingbirds are just so magnificent. :) Nature always just testifies to me how much God loves me. All the beautiful and wonderful things... :) I'm just so happy! :) :) The church is true!!!! 
May God continue to Shine in your lives,
Sister Foster :)
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