Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Doobe Doobee Dooo May 12th 2014

I feel like I just talked to y'all, although I guess I didn't talk to everyone so for those I missed... HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!! I had a wonderful chat with my families and the Branch gave every girl (no matter age) a red or a white rose (mine was red) and we were fed yummy food... so all in all my mother's day was fabulous!
  This week was so miraculous, we were able to find 8 new investigators!!!! Whaaaat???!!!! Well, if we're being honest we were led to 8 new investigators. Which was a wonderfully humbling experience. Every time we meet people who are open and willing to learn more about Christ's restored gospel I can't help but just want to do a little jig (hence the subject line). The C___'s are progressing really well, and we're helping a lot of people trying to overcome concerns. :) We've also been focusing on helping the members. I have a really cool story... so we've been meeting with this one inactive member Sister W__ for a while, trying to overcome her concerns and help get back into the habit of reading the Book of Mormon so she'll have the main tool to overcome concerns... Well lately she's started watching her Great Granddaughter. The last time we went over we spent all our time telling this little girl stories from the Book of Mormon about Christ. We told her Bible stories too and taught her a couple Primary songs. At the end of the visit we prayed with them both... and for the first time Sister W___ committed to come to church and start reading with her Granddaughter... It was a testimony to me, that the simplest teaching is the kind that really pierces through everything... and serving those whom they care about is the best way to touch someone's heart. 
  I love this area, there are so many good people! I've been so blessed to be here. I've been so blessed to have such a great/awesome/fabulous/hilarious/prepared family. To all those who have not yet realized this... your family will always be your best resource. 
  Okay Miracle for the week: So, the other day I woke up craving Strawberry Shortcake.... I even told my companion that this Monday we needed to buy the ingredients for us to make it... (for those of you who don't know, I'm not much of a baker... so that's a big deal). Anyways we went about the rest of the day. There were a couple opportunities that we had to decide whether we would walk around or go inside early... we chose to walk around. We met C___ and S____ who were standing outside their garage and found out that they had actually been hoping that as we were walking by that we would say a prayer for them. Their aunt is having back surgery, and there's a lot of bad things happening. We of course offered to say a prayer with them and have a meeting with S____ though C___ isn't interested. It was an answer to prayer to know that those 2 minutes we were going to go in early for dinner... could be used in such a more effective way. Usually 2 minutes is nothing... not much can be done... but in 2 minutes we were able to perhaps change the course of lives (ours included). Well, after this meeting we headed home drenched in sweat (It was 90 degrees and 85% humidity about) as we sat down to enjoy our chips and salsa... a knock came at the door. It was our neighbor... she had two bowls of Strawberry Shortcake and ice cream. It was the best thing ever!!!! Then later that night we decided to try and contact one last person... and all day both of us had been craving some Dr. Pepper. She was home and before we left she gave us each a can of Dr. Pepper. Heavenly Father is the BEST!!!! 

May God keep watch over y'all always :)

Sister Foster

P.S. D&C 68:2-4 = cool scripture :)

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