Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rockin' the Farm Tan!

Well it was a great great week!!! We just got back from hiking Petite Jean (pronounced petty) which is a "mountain" that has a super cool waterfall. :)

They say that a picture's worth a thousand words right??? Hahaha I honestly have noooo idea what to write this week. Everyone has been progressing so well. One of our investigators A.M. accepted the invitation to keep the law of chastity and is getting married this week!!! The C____'s are doing REALLY well and will be baptized this next week. I'm just super super super happy, because everyone has been so willing to keep commitments and it makes a huge difference on progress. They are all doing so well... I feel a lot like a mom bragging on her kids. Only all my kids are doing so well I just don't know where to begin! Essentially, Life as a missionary is a crazy rollercoaster that is so off the wall insane that you can't even begin to comprehend it... unless you've been on one. :) I love my companion! I love this area! I love the Gospel! 

Pretty Basically, If you want to have a super awesome life, please read the Book of Mormon... and then apply what you learn to the best of your ability and then you'll have so many miracles happen in your life you literally won't know what to do with all of them. 

So here are some pics of the hike to the waterfall, and us behind the waterfall. :) Enjoy! Have a blessed week,

Sister Foster
Sister Broach
Elder Hernandez in the blurry one (he's our DL)
Elder Henderson is the one behind him
Elder Butler is the one looking off into the distance.

Sister Durfee, Sister Warner and Sister Broach and ME

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