Friday, June 13, 2014

Hastening the Work

June 2nd

Well, this week has been yet another testimony as to how the Lord will hasten his work, in his time. More and more of our members have been giving us referrals and getting active in their community. We got a new record of 6 referrals this week!!!! We've contacted half of them and there's one referral of the three we contacted that was a couple. As we were talking to the Husband he was so open and ready to receive, it's crazy how prepared some people are to hear about the restored gospel. It's such a witness to me that we really did live before all of this and hear this plan... because almost everything we come to share with people, they recognize and believe. We're hoping that this couple (B&M) will act on the invitations we've left with them. And will choose to progress in this gospel.
  The C____'s have decided to get baptized this next Saturday, since Mr. C has had to miss some of the meetings due to work, so that he can have all his questions answered. They are still so solid and want to meet extra this week so that they can for sure be baptized on the 14th. I have really appreciated being able to teach Christ's doctrine, like Christ would (to the best of my imperfection) because I've been able to understand how Christ feels for us (to a degree) because of how I feel towards my investigators. :D 
  I know that the Priesthood's been Restored, and that the Book of Mormon is the Word of God, given to us to draw us nearer to the savior, and as we ponder the message it contains that our minds will be opened... and as we act on our understanding, that more will come. I love y'all, and pray for y'all. We learned this  new term "Prayer Warrior" apparently it's a calling in another church. But I really liked the title. I'm striving to become a Prayer Warrior... :D

Go and Do, because it's true... :D

Sister Foster

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