Friday, June 13, 2014

Where does the rain come from?

June 9th

A... and A.... ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the C____'s) I'm so excited right now. They are so elect, and amazing, and I just adore them to bits and pieces. Anyways, this Saturday their getting baptized (for Father's day, isn't that cute?) and they're already being excellent members. Yesterday when we met with them to solidify plans, MR. C  told us how He went to Walmart the other day and was approached by a random lady and she said "You're a mormon aren't you?" He turned around shocked, "I'm visiting the Mormon church.." she asked "What do you mean?" he answered "You have to be baptized to be an official member."
"Oh, okay... tell me about it" she responded. He then said that he talked to her for a little while but was so shocked to be identified already as a mormon. Needless to say he totally has the spirit and people here recognize it... and yes, we talked about missionary work and what he could do and say (bear testimony, etc.) :D    I'm just so happy right now.
  Here's some cool stories; We met an 92 year old lady at the Nursing home we volunteer at... and she told us an awesome story about how her friends grandmother crossed the plains to Utah and when she was packing she felt inspired to bring her tea kettle... the rest of the trip she had to use that tea kettle to dethaw the womens hair off of the frozen ground... Isn't it amazing how Heavenly Father is so involved in every detail??? I can't even imagine how it would feel to have my hair frozen to the ground... and how much worse it would have been if she hadn't listened to that prompting. 
Story #2- Sister Broach went to get her hair cut and one of us said something about being how we weren't normal and the hair cutter said "I always just tell people that normal is a cycle on a washing machine" Isn't that awesome?! It's true, normalcy is completely subject to speculation because it's decided by an unnamed entity that decides who or what is normal. I love that statement, we are all unique, and that's never going to change. The next story is how we got a ride to Zone Conference with an investigator (she's awesome) and we were driving and bugs were dying on the windshield and she asked "What is the last thing that goes through a bug's head?' we had no idea... she said "It's bum...."(bummer..) that one just made me laugh.
  Anyways, This week has been truly amazing. Sister Broach and I have become best friends as we strive so hard each day to rely on the Savior and help others do the same. I feel like i've learned so much as I've dedicated myself to learning about the atonement. I know that he lived and died and lives again so that i might always have hope, that I'll never be alone, and that I'll have the strength and the confidence to help others change their lives to draw nearer to Him through making sacred promises. I love this area, the people here are so good, and i love the opportunity to glimpse at who they can become. I know we all have immense and divine potential, and as we act on the promptings to do good, that we will help all those around us as well as ourselves have more joy in this and the next life. I love this work, it is hastening! Love you all, I pray for y'all.
May you rely on His strength and never fail,
Sister Foster :D

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