Monday, June 23, 2014

June 16th BEST WEEK EVER!!!!

Every day I feel like I keep getting happier and happier! Sister Broach and I are staying together in Danville!!! And President Wakolo is coming the week after next! Everything is being prepared for his arrival, and we're all super excited to serve with him. A.... and Ar.... are officially baptized! Today we'll be going over (the lessons on)  Priesthood and the Temple and I'm so so so so so happy I could burst.
  Funny Story: So, for anyone who doesn't already know... I hate spiders, a lot... and Arkansas... has quite a few. Well, Our Ward Mission Leader was busy and couldn't fill the font... so Sister Broach and I went to. Well the first thing we see when we open the font are some beetles and 3 brown recluse spiders... Needless to say, only the knowledge that this was for A&Ar got me near that font. Armed with strong shoes, toxic spray, and a whole lot of prayers we went to kill the bugs. (i dislike beetles as well)... Well there was one especially active spider that kept darting around... When we went to spray it, it darted right for me and I screamed like a banshee and stomped it dead... The funny part was the screaming... I had so much adrenaline pumping through me I felt like I could probably run a mile... (My fight or flight system favors flight). 
  But everything got cleaned up and the service was beautiful. Another of our investigators (D.....) has agreed to be baptized with A. M., and she came to the service. While we were filling the font she came up to the font and said "Well it's definitely not a lake... but it'll do." She's so prepared. The H. Family went over there and she asked them what she had to do to be baptized. I'm SO happy!!!! A.M's  Fiance has agreed to start taking the lessons and we soon hope to see him enter the water's so they can be a full member family! :D We've found more elect people who are willing to change and Sister Broach and I are doing our best to have awesome studies so that we will be prepared for everything. 
  Studies has become my favorite part of the day, I feel like I learn so much every time! I know that as we do our best to be obedient that we will prosper. (Mosiah 2:41) "First I obey, then I understand" Marjorie Hinkley. That's how my studies have really improved. As I've started each session with a question and prayed and written down what's come to mind I've had answers not just for myself, but others. This Gospel is true! I love love love this work, I pray that y'all can experience the joy that sharing the gospel brings. :D 
  I hope and pray that all is well with y'all, and that you can find "the one" to share these glad tidings with. Love y'all! 

Sister Foster
Amy and Arturo's Baptism with Elder Hansen and Sisters Foster and Broach 
Della and Elder and Sister Hansen

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