Monday, June 23, 2014

June 23rd TADA!!!!

:D :D Man we're all goin' crazy on servin' the Lord! LOVE IT :D
I love our family <3 Yesterday we were talking to one of our investigators and she just stopped and looked at both of us and said... Your parent's are amazing. It's so true!!   :D I had the best raising ever! I guess I was born to thrive in the chaos ;) ;) ;) haha jk, I needed four parents to mold me!
    For all those of you who have only had 8 min. remaining on your email clock, you will understand my predicament. I hope y'all enjoy the pics!!!
   Anyways this week was amazing!!! We're doing well :D :D
  So many crazy last minute stories... but the best one is of Amy's Baptism. She almost didn't get baptized... because she wanted to wait for Zack to be baptized... of course we weren't informed of this till after 2 minutes past when we were supposed to start... So after a whole lot of pep talks we took off for her house and prayed and talked and promised and she was baptized (if 30min late). It was so amazing listening to her pray for strength to be an example of what she knew to be true, and feel words come to my head and out of my mouth... that I knew weren't mine. Christ knows us perfectly... and he provides a way. Zack accepted a baptismal date yesterday night for the 20th of July... I know that as we take a step forward (even if it's into the dark) that Christ will bless us so much more than we could ever have hoped.
Amy and Zack's wedding with Tanya and Sisters Broach and Foster

Elder Henderson, Amy, Sister Broach and Sister Foster

Amy's baptism day with Sisters Broach and Foster.....  and little Ally (who reminds me of Cadence!)

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