Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Well Todo, we ain't in Idaho... April 28th

This week was all around awesome!!!! Funny for the week: B..... walked into L....'s apartment with both her niece and her nephew. They're about 5yrs old and they both sat down on this Avengers chair (She was in his lap). He looked at us with a big smile "This is My cousin, She's also my girlfriend." We looked at them smiling awkwardly and L.... whispered "Welcome to Arkansas" We BUSTED up!!!! B..... and us were all laughing... the kids didn't get the joke but they laughed to. :D Anyways...
  We met with a new Family who is SOLID!!!! And we are super excited to get to teach them. We also went to Specialized Training aaaaaaaand Drrrrrrrrruuuuuuummmmm Rooooooooolllll WE'RE REALLY GETTING IPADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They showed us one and described a program that one of the Elders in our mission had written for it. We're getting them before June, but they're finding out when they are specifically coming this week. YAY!!! Also we met with that couple that was struggling and were able to pull them out of the dark place by answering all their questions and pulling up Mormon.org and reading the FAQ's with them and watching some Mormon messages on lds.org, it's amazing how powerful our resources are now a day's :D I love this Gospel!!! Not just for the nifty tools, but because of it's perfectness... of Christ's infinite nature... and how much this Gospel has blessed my life.
  Sunday we had a bit of a scare... which brings us to my Subject line. We were in a lesson with a lady that was really struggling... not wanting to go on any longer... or anything... It began to rain and then the Tornado Siren's went off. We all jumped to our feet and looked outside... it was raining but not too hard... But we helped her get her little boy in a coat and we ran out the door to go to the safe house. Sister Broach and I ran to the car and drove to the apartment (down the street) and grabbed my 72 hour kit, and I grabbed some pictures, and we ran outside. The Sky was BLACK!!!! And boy was it pouring..... we ran to the car and drove back down the street to the safe house/ nursing home. We went in, and in the two feet we were out we were soaked to the core... But it was all okay. We stayed put where we were and made the calls necessary. And were just as safe as could be. The main storm passed and we (Leann, Elders, and Us) went back to Leann's apartments. We were told to stay inside the rest of the night so we played cards to pass the time and ate... and watched it rain and rain and rain. The storm never got too bad, but the best part of the whole night... was just knowing in my heart that I had nothing to worry about. My daddy Harold had taken care of everything in the 72 hour kit, and I had just partaken of the Sacrament, and I just felt this overwhelming peace knowing that no matter what happened that it was going to work out. I'm so grateful for this Gospel, for Christ's Atonement that made that peace possible.
"I know that my Redeemer lives, what comfort this sweet sentence gives. He Lives." I leave my testimony of this wonderful song that brought me peace when the possibility of death confronted me... I still knew, and I do know that no matter what else happens "I know that my Redeemer lives" and that is enough :D
Love Y'all, Danville Rocks. Transfers are next week and I'm still clueless as to what's happening... I hope all is well with y'all. Talk to you soon!!! Have a blessed week!!!
~Sister Foster :)

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