Monday, August 25, 2014

Aug 11th

MOMMY:   IS there anything that you need? Let me know before the opportunity passes you by! Your "wish list" is getting a  little low. You have a special day approaching as well... how can we help you celebrate?? I have started a package for you, but you have to follow the directions on the outside of it. ...and the inside! No ripping it all open upon arrival!  :)
Taylor:  Hahahahaha no promises... you know how much I love ripping into things. I don't really have any wish list.. except maybe a new skirt, just something new to wear... I've never gotten so sick of my clothes before but... :P let's just say the temptation to burn them all has entered my head... so maybe just have some money for when I get home so I can invest in new clothing. That's my biggest wish. Hahaha, any kind of communication is a celebration for me so don't you worry about it. The Branch is having a huge party that night for back to school, but I plan on turning it into my B-day party ;) hahaha Not to mention we might have a baptism that day... so yeah, my b-day already rocks. :D

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