Monday, September 29, 2014

September 22nd Danville Booth & Pinnacle Mountain

Soooo before I left Danville there was a fair and this is our booth, I left the day after we set it up but I heard that they found at least 1 solid family from it so yeah.

No I didn't ride any rides... but I sure did have a ton of fun talking to the people and taking pics with my comp and bestie KT Shelton.
This week, ah man... so much to tell!!!! I have to say, this is definitely one of the hardest parts of being a missionary... I never know which miracles to focus on...
Okay, so this week was bike/walk week, and since my companion doesn't have a bike... it was walk week. Miracle #1) We didn't die. We're both new to the area and so as you can imagine, asking for rides from people we didn't know... was hard. Miracle #2) Focus on Humility. Miracle #3) We got rides. Miracle #4) The spirit kept us from the super sketchy areas. We've been able to work with L____ and M____ a mother and a daughter, and it's been really cool to see different miracles with them. Turns out the Mom (L) already had a Book of Mormon and had been reading from it, and already accepts it as scripture! She apparently ordered it a loooong time ago, but wasn't willing to meet with the Elders at the time.
Favorite miracle though... We went to church, now keep in mind that we still don't know most of the ward, and there was a black lady sitting next to our ward mission leader's family. We went to go talk to him and he told us that he didn't know who she was. Her name is R___ and her sister (a member in Georgia) invited her to church with her and she really enjoyed it... So she looked up this building and decided to just come on her own. We've set up an appointment with her for this week! Sister Wilcox and I both feel very good about her.
Sister Wilcox is awesome! She goes home in a transfer and it makes me so so sad because she's been such a sweet companion. She's amazing.

This is my favorite sock monkey... it's a recent convert's. :D WHO IS AWESOME!!! Anywho gotta fly. Adios, Have a blessed week!
Sister Foster

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