Monday, October 6, 2014

OCT 6th A week of Healing

This week really was that of Healing, in several aspects... 1st off, GENERAL CONFERENCE ROCKED!!! Honestly, I went in with several questions about life, how I could improve, and how I needed to change to become who God would have me be... and literally EVERY single question was answered, several times even. I love this very dramatic opportunity to receive more confirming witnesses that this Church is led by Jesus Christ and revelation. I'm so grateful to the Holy Ghost that helped and continues to help heal the worries and wounds of every day life. I loved Sster Esplin's  talk, as well as President Uchtdorf's, and Elder Gavarret's, and Elder Perry's, and just... every one's really. I LOVED Elder Klebingat's talk about becoming really really good at forgiving and repenting. I absolutely loved all the different talks on agency, and how to receive personal revelation. I really do feel like a completely new person after conference, with a bit more hope, a bit more knowledge, and a bit more humility in knowing that I don't know anything... but gratitude that God's given me a way to know enough for the moment.
R___ attended 2 of the 4 conferences and loved them both. And is still planning on getting baptized this Saturday, she really is one of the Elect. I hope to grow up to be more like her... she saw a change, wanted what her sister found... so she acted and continues to take a step of faith every day. One of her friends was just murdered... Idk if you heard about the Real Estate agent that got kidnapped here... but it was her friend she worked with... and to see the grace and peace in her eyes as she told us, she knew she was in a better place. I hope to face trials half as well as her. I know that no matter what, Christ can heal our wounds no matter how deep... cause he's always there for us.
One thing I really learned in Conference is to be able to see our trials and instead of baulking at them... to view them with better perspective... I'm hoping that I can apply that knowledge 1/2 as well as I grasp it.
2nd reason it was a week of healing is... A cold I caught turned into bronchitis when we were unexpectedly asked to take a 2nd bike week because of lack of miles on our car... so after receiving the necessary drugs... I rested (my companion caught the cold too...) so we became very familiar with our couch, water, pillows, tissues, and church produced video's... I wonder if being able to quote the Restoration from beginning to end is considered a skill... if so, then I have found another skill! Haha yup, well... This week has been amazing. Thank you so much for your prayers and well wishes, it really makes a difference as we continue to see miracles in this area. The member's are wonderful. This morning I made a coconut cream and chocolate cream pie at a members house... She said I did extremely well for a "novice" (big shout out to Aunt Christine and Grandma Fuhriman and Nelson for letting me watch you). Haha apparently I learned something... who woulda known! :D
Love and Pray for y'all,
Continue in your grooviness
Sister Foster

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