Monday, October 6, 2014

Scotty Zwick (Son of President Zwick) (continued from Sept 29, sent Oct 6)

He cannot read, or write, nor tie his shoes... but he still has a level of excellence... and an attitude of greatness.
1) He always calls his parents and asks the question "Are you happy?"
2) One day he wanted to participate in the Special Olympics throwing a softball... His first attempt he threw the ball straight down and it rolled a couple inches forward. With a bright smile he asked "Mom! You think I'll win a medal?" Sister Zwick said she was very nervous for his success as she didn't want him to be disappointed... however, he cheerfully got a bucket of softballs and after work (he folds laundry) he would spend hours throwing the softballs and then carefully gathering them up one by one. He threw over, and over, and over for months... Everyday... till he got a little bit better and a little better... then the day of the Event came. It was his turn and he got to the line and threw... it was his best throw ever and he ended up getting the Bronze medal. Sometimes what seems hopeless just needs daily diligence and a good attitude.
3) One day scotty was flying on an airplane. Little did he know, his mothers friend happened to be sitting behind him on the plane and got to observe his behavior... He sat down on the plane... When the person sat next to him... this was his conversation;
  My name is scott what's yours?
  Well that's nice. What do you do?
  I'm an Engineer
  Well that's nice. Where do you live?
  Las Vegas
  Well that's nice. You have a pretty temple there right?
  Yes, I guess we do
  Are you Mormon?
  No, but I have some friends that are
  When are you going to join?
  I don't know maybe someday.
  Well that's nice, have you read the Book of Mormon?
  Well... you should cause it will make you Very Very happy.
I don't know if Ben ever followed the advice, but his testimony was there, and he was happy to give it. Sometimes.. that's the best thing we can do... is just share what we know... and then they can choose. :D

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