Monday, November 3, 2014

Nov 2nd A Week of Awesomeness :D

So this week was freaking awesome... but duh, when is it not freaking awesome? Okay disregard that question.. Haha but really it was super good. Working hard with someone who's your best friend is basically the best.
Deseray is getting baptized this week!!!! And we found another family that is super awesome.
So lets be honest the way this week has been awesome has just been the small and simple things that don't really translate as funny as they were in the moment but let me tell you about this family.
So it gets dark really fast here... and the dark is just so strong so it's kind of creepy... and we were talking about which houses we felt safe to knock on... so we were driving down this street and totally missed our turn and found ourself at a dead end. As we were turning around there was a house that was COMPLETELY lit up... seriously, so well lit that we just chuckled and I told Heavenly Father... okay, I get the hint. So we got out and knocked on this door. A lady answered it and looked really confused... but she agreed to meet with us the next day. So we show up and have one of the Best How to begin teaching lessons ever. She told us how the last month she's been praying for help to understand the Bible and draw closer to God, so when we knocked on her door she was so shocked that he would answer her prayers so literally... I know that God hears and answers prayers... and even though he works with imperfect people... that his work is never frustrated.

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