Friday, December 19, 2014

DEC 15th Who needs Lagoon?

This week has been the biggest and best roller coaster yet! Sooooo Tuesday one of Our Recent Converts' Husband told us he wanted to be baptized. He's had the lessons 3 different times and seemed (to me) at first that he'd just be another Part Member family. Though he was always kind he just didn't seem willing to change. Well a couple days before he had taken his wife to get her patriarchal blessing and had been so touched, that he knew that Blessing was from God. He talked to the patriarch for about 45min after the blessing... We went in not thinking anything special was going to happen except asking Cathy how the blessing had gone... Then Sister Huefner randomly (aka mega-spirit) and asked Terry if he wanted to be baptized... He said... "I knewed you was gonna ask dat" she smiled and said "Sooo?" He smiled and said "yeah, I do." He was baptized yesterday. :) :) :) IT WAS A MIRACLE IF I'VE EVER WITNESSED ONE!!! A week ago he had spent hours being completely negative... and all this week his light has grown and grown and grown. He'll be getting the Priesthood next week. I'm just so so so grateful to have been here to witness this change.
  On another note... Last week's email was super brief... my bad. The building was ROASTING and I just wasn't really able to remember anything... So here's a quick overview of last week.

1st- Sister Huefner is from West Bountiful and is super awesome. She's majoring in Communication-Public Relations and is super good at coming up with parodies and ad's and all sorts of fun things like that. She's hilarious and is also a Disney quoter! REJOICE!!!

2nd- Sister Taylor is from Ames, Iowa,  and is an amazing missionary. She has a lot of friends who have joined the church and a ton of experience already... she's seriously my trainer. She ran Cross Country at Southern Virginia and is the fittest lady ever. She helps me keep my bum in gear ;) I absolutely love her!

Okay so... Funny story for last week... On my way home from Transfers... all of a sudden the Car behind us was flashing his brights... I looked behind us and my bike was only hanging on by the tires to the bike rack... we were going about 60 and there was a trail of sparks coming from the bike... I yelled "Oh! Oh! There's sparks! We should pull over... Pull over..." When we were able to make it to the side of the freeway my bike amazingly made it through with (seemingly) minimal damage. The seat was 1/2 gone, the things that secured the tires were a bit beat up, and one of the handle-bars is a bit worst for wear... We all looked at each other... and then I just burst out laughing. After all the stress of transfers and not knowing them and just feeling so worried... I just broke down laughing. All my worries just drained out of me.... and after strapping on the bike more securely and laughing together, we got a picture and moved on. Moral of the story- no matter how bad burned rubber smells... laughing makes it all better. 

Okay so, Honestly this week has so many spiritual anomalies that... you just can't do justice to... so I apologize, just know that It's been an awesomely hard but beautiful growing experience. God is Good, and I love this work. I know that this gospel has the fulness of Christ's truth, that we can draw nearer to God through scriptures, prayer, and faithful attendance and partaking of the sacrament than by any fancy means. It's the simple things that matter... so when life get's complicated... Refocus and everything will fall into place. :) 

Love Y'all Have a blessed week

Sister Taylor Foster

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