Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014 Christmas Time is Here!

Merry Christmas Y'all!!!!

Man, this week was crazy! We drove to Searcy, AR to drop off Sister Huefner. I was reunited with my Mom Sister Bradford... and they drove to Little Rock together. We spent the rest of the night in Searcy and had some pretty bomb awesome lessons... which made me wanna stay in Searcy... but oh well. Then the next morning I got an early Christmas... Sister Bradford had left a ton of clothes... and who did they fit? Me of course... and so most of the skirts that I just adored my first months on the mission are now in my possession. <3 God is Good. :D Then we drove to Little Rock where I was reunited with companions of time past, as well as many friends. We had our first ever "Sister's Time out" and we learned new exercise ideas, got manicures, learned how to make facials and home-made soap, as well as I got to be reunited with Sister Crandall from Maumelle who we taught Rebecca at her house... It was so awesome... She was in charge of the Hair station... It was super funny... She saw me and we had a tender moment of joy... then she stopped and gasped and grabbed my hair... I was a little shocked, but not weirded out... She then asked *Aunt Hilary/Xochy please do laugh* if I had ever had my hair round brushed... I ignorantly shook my head and said "No, but that sounds fun." She smiled and I should have known by the next thing she said that it wasn't a good idea... she said "You'll be my challenge for the day." Oh. Dear. What. Have. I. Done. Knowing that she was a kind soul I didn't think it would be too bad... Let's just say, it was a challenge. I now know My hair does not straighten when round brushed. A couple sisters asked if they could take pictures... I allowed it, but shudder to think that the occasion was documented... She didn't offer the mirror for me to look, I didn't ask... I think it was better that way. She then decided to straighten it for me though so that's a plus. :) My hair has grown a lot more than I thought it had! 

After our awesome sister's time out we were presented with another challenge. The Searcy Sisters (Previous comp:Sister Thompson, and Sister Woolly) wanted to go and visit people.... so Sister Taylor could either hang out at the church for 3 hours while Sister Wakolo and President Wakolo and a ton of mission staff had their meeting... or we could take a few sisters home in Sister Wakolo's van... So we decided to do the latter. Sister Taylor is the designated driver.... so Sister Wakolo gave her the keys and we were off... Well, Sister Taylor is new, and the I-40 is AWFUL when it comes to traffic, it didn't help that it happened to be 5 o'clock traffic either... so let's just say after a few scares with the Van's blind spots... that we made it. Well, after that we had some issues with the gas card... but after that we said a very sincere prayer for safety and made it to the Wakolo's safe and sound. We then hung out with their Daughter till family prayer. Jasmine is her name and she taught me a song on the piano! It's super fun!!! It's one of those 2 person songs so it sounds super complex but it's actually really easy. :) Those are my favorite. I got a glimpse into Mission President's life... It was really humbling. We were all going to say family prayer together... but after 15 minutes of interruptions and phone calls and craziness we finally were able to pray. I'm so grateful for President Wakolo. He really is like my Dad on the mission. If you ever have the chance to meet him, take it. :)

The next day was Zone Conference... And it began with realizing that my make-up remover spilled EVERYWHERE... Thankfully there was 1 skirt that was only slightly damp... And there was a fan in the room. So after wrestling with that... We made it on time. :) We did not get IPads (despite popular gossip) which was actually okay with me... Then we had an AWESOME TALENT SHOW!!!! I recorded it and will send the recordings. (tried to send but the files were too big. :(    ) I'm trying to be super detailed so that those of you who I can't talk to on Christmas will get a bit more Sister Foster to last through the Holidays. :D Ummm after that we got to watch a movie. Unfortunately at first it was The Nativity... we were going to watch The Saratov case but they had brought the case... just not the DVD. I was disappointed... But then, they left and got it so I was able to watch part of it... Sadly the meeting ran an hour late, and our ride was there so I only got to watch the first bit and then we had to leave since we had a 3 hour drive and wanted to be considerate. If I told you I wasn't sad, I'd be lying... but after I got over the fact my only movie got cut short... I got over myself and prioritized. I know, it's a shock... but it really did happen. The rest of our week was full of lessons and lessons and lessons... not a lot of commitment, but lessons. 

So the thing down attached is me singing with my previous companion Sister Skinner. We're singing Silent Night, I saved it for Christmas... Enjoy! :D I love y'all so so so so much. Be safe, Be good, Remember who you are... And know that I send all my love to y'all!!!

Have a blessed Christmas,

Sister Taylor Foster
Ornaments on President Wakolo's tree

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