Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dec 1st December....weird

Well y'all, I don't know if you've looked at your calendars recently but.... IT'S DECEMBER!!! What in the world just happened??? That's what I wanna know! Yeesh! Wanna know what else is crazy (you know you do) I'm Getting TRANSFERRED!!! Again... well, I did wish it upon me. After two areas of 6 months I told sister Wilcox... man I really do wish I'd move around a little bit more... then I'd get to know more people. HA! Well, classic example folks... Heavenly Father really does listen to EVERYTHING you say. Oh, and to add to that... Sister Skinner is getting transferred too! Yup... here comes the whitewashing. I must be the prep-er. I go in and get it all prepped for white-washing. Haha, I'm really not upset or angry. I'm just feeling a bit astonished. "They began to be astonished" Yup that's me.

But I really do feel a lot of peace. There was a reason for me being here, and I know that I've done my best, and that's all I could do. So... there it is. I'll keep you updated on where I land. 

So this week was actually pretty great. We've been working with a less-active and that's been my favorite part of this area. She's awesome. (we have matching bags and everything) She's a recent convert of 7ish years.. but she's really working to go to the Temple now. Yesterday Bishop took us aside and thanked us for everything we've done for her and how she's changed SO much. He said "It's helped, more than I could have ever imagined or hoped." Probably the nicest conversation I've ever had. I got all tingly and warm... nothing we do goes unnoticed (at least by Heavenly Father). One or Two people really can change a life.

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