Thursday, December 4, 2014

NOV 24th Alrighty Y"all

Okay so here's the dealio... I totally forgot that I hadn't written my weekly email yet... Whoopsy daiseys. *shrug* what do you do? I'm writing it now anyways.

Deseray is doing REALLY well! Which of course makes me super happy. This week we had stake conference and it was super weird to hear my Mission President speak in that setting, but it was super awesome. I love him, he's hilarious. For those of you who have seen the Lion King... He is Mufasa. In every sense, you definitely don't wanna cross the guy, but you just can't help but love him (in a fatherly sense of course). 

Mostly things are looking up. Sister Skinner is becoming more and more of my best friend (look out Sister Broach). And it's just really awesome to be with someone you understand. Ummm So this week, we did a lot of work with the members (which as most of you know is my FAV)... I just love doing service. So I helped a lady reorganize her house while sister skinner shredded paper (*Phew, bullet dodged). That was super fun... plus she played super awesome Elvis Gospel Music in the background... the king singin' hymns.... it was awesome. 

Oh... DUH! (Facepalm) HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK Y'ALL!!!!! Wow, that could've gotten hairy. Sorry, time is just flying... I still feel like its September... Yesterday Sister Skinner had to remind me 5 different times it was Sunday... and after church I still forgot several times... I guess my mind just isn't really up to the times yet. 

I've learned a lot this week about trusting God, even though you have no idea what he's thinking... to just kind of roll with it... cause he's definitely someone you can rely on. This past week was kind of hard, but it was really rewarding. This morning I read the conference talk by Elder Godoy "The Lord has a Plan Us!" and it helped me so much, coupled with Elder Scott's "make the Exercise of Faith your First Priority." I'm not saying you have to read them... but they're super good and helped me a lot. Especially the quote "The more we develop these habits (talking about daily study and prayer, FHE, and Temple attendance), the more anxious is Satan to harm us but the less is his ability to do so." -Elder Scott. I know that Heavenly Father loves us. I know that Jesus Christ loves us and Died for us. I know that God's power has been restored fully and that this message can bring peace and love and hope. I love sharing! Love y'all. Have a blessed week!

Continue in your grooviness,

Sister Foster (Taylor)

Sister Skinner and Sister Foster having fun at the Ards (Carolyn in the background)

Josh (8), Kelsey (3), Sister Skinner, Kaitlynn (3), Me &  Ivan (their dog).

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