Saturday, November 22, 2014

Nov 17 What's the hardest material in the world?

In answer to my question, it is... my head. Seriously! Right when I think I learn a lesson... WHAMEY!! Another one! Such is life I suppose.
Buuuuuuut.... DESERAY GOT BAPTIZED!!!! :) :) JOY TO THE WORLD! See, I told you it wasn't bad news last week. :D :D It was a miracle and I just loved it. So... Now for the story of why it's a miracle... Because we all know that everything that could go wrong will go wrong! So... 1st off. We didn't have a car or the key to the font (the elders have it) and our ward still doesn't have a ward mission leader... aca-awkward. So we were stressed to the max to get to the church and get the font filled. The Elders were late getting here with the key, but they got here in time for the font to be filled... unfortunately they'd never filled a font before so they filled it completely with ICE COLD water... which we didn't discover till it was completely full. Thankfully we discovered it... It was about a couple hours before the baptism (this font filled quicker than others) so we decided to drain most of it and then fill it with super hot water. It finished filling right before the opening song. *Phew* Thank you Mormon standard time!
Then the meeting went super well... we sung "Come unto Jesus" super last minute, no practice or anything... because it was put on the program by accident... and then a sister that was there asked us to sing it for sacrament meeting... Who's up for round 2?! Haha... I mean... tell the kid to be more careful. :D I'm super glad we did sing though because this week was rough, and it brought the spirit and... the spirit just makes everything better. Like a blanket for your soul. :)
Elder Fiso Baptized her and Lundell confirmed. They had to dunk her 2 times cause her hand didn't go under, but it was super awesome. :) SHE'S SO COOL!!!

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