Tuesday, February 3, 2015

FEB 2nd Week...who knows?

Well this week we had some SUPER miracles. Once upon a time there's this less active family that moved and we haven't been able to get their new address and basically have just been praying and praying that we'd be able to see them. And we got a random prompting to go to Walmart... so we go... and my companion was taking forever to park... has that ever happened and you've gotten annoyed at yourself for being annoyed? Yeah so that was happening, but finally the spirit whispered to her the one true parking spot and we got out of the car. As I get out of the car I hear an unfamiliar voice call "SISTERS!!!!" Now... this isn't Utah y'all... people don't just know who we are, or if they do they don't tend to like us or they're members... So we start looking around there is this lady and she introduces herself to us as THIS LESS ACTIVE MOM!!!! Not only does she call out to us (We'd never met this family so we might have never known) but after we talk she agreed to have us over for a lesson and then came to our Book of Mormon class!!! It was great. :D

Then we had this one lady come up to us while we were finding... and before she knew who we were or what we were doing she just yells out "Oh! Girls!? Will you please come visit me? I want to know what you have to tell me... Who are you?" Ummm.... (are we in real life?) so now we're teaching her... hopefully she's home. :D

THEN there's this part member family... and the daughter was never baptized... yet! SHE'S GETTING BAPTIZED. She wants to wait till March 15th, (that's the week after her birthday) but I think she might move it up. We met with her later that week and she seems more and more comfortable the more she reads the Book of Mormon *the spirit of God like a fiiiiire iiiis buuuuuurning* :D Love it!!! Question: Is it disrespectful to call the Holy Ghost 'it' when we know he's a he?

Then we met with another part-member family and the daughter seems to be more and more interested in everything... her name is Blu. Isn't that legit? Yup, she's cool.

Then Sister Taylor and I weren't feeling well. Sister Taylor has a spongy kidney... i.e. she gets kidney stones... yup. Please pray for us!

I love this work,
Sister Foster

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