Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 26th Painting the Roses Red

  Okay... Time for round 2 of actually trying to capture everything that happens in a week... pray for me! Haha seriously and this week was pretty darn nuts.

  Alright to start out, we've been having some big problems with our neighbor and have been trying to move for a while... and with that on top of some other things kinda stressed me out... Have you ever felt super out of control and just needed something you could control? Something Different? Well... I reached that point... my hair is now enjoying a different shade of color. What shade? Well before y'all freak out, just know that the Mission President is okay with it... that it's not super unnatural, and that I really really love it... I dyed it red (hence the title) but it's an auburn... unless in a certain lighting and then it's redder. I officially know now that my hair takes to red really well so it's a bit redder than the box said it would be. But sister Taylor did a good job.

  2nd thing, well we had specialized meeting the next day and that went super well, we were able to have a really good meeting with President and Sister Wakolo and the Elders and an office couple about our neighbor and were able to decide on a course of action to move that friday.

  After the meeting we had super awesome exchanges. Unfortunately after we had our Book of Mormon class at the church I got super sick and we had to go home. But after going home, a lot of rest, and some prayer I was good as new and we were able to go and see some people. The 1st people we went to go see were the An____, she was a less active on our roster that we didn't know. Turns out she had moved but her Grandmother lived there (not a member) and conveniently, aka miraculously her sister and her sister's husband happened to be visiting to tell us why her records hadn't been moved and we were able to teach a lesson and the Grandma invited us back!! Super cool. 

  Funny story: Okay so we were out contacting people and after knocking on this one persons door, we were reflecting on how long our church's name is... because the man had a hard time remembering it... and sister Taylor and I were just pondering on why our name is what it is and we finally came to the conclusion that even though everything in the title was totally necessary, nobody ever remembers it. Then we both felt prompted to knock on this house that still had a ton of Christmas decorations. An older lady answered and we began to introduce ourselves and she totally interrupted us as we got to "We're missionaries for..." and said "For the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" we both were shocked and answered "Yes, how do you know us?" and she told us that several several years ago she had investigated the church for a year... but for the sake of family unity hadn't joined. We were completely amazed and asked if she'd be interested in meeting again. She told us that even though she'd read the entire Book of Mormon and knew that it was true that she would never be baptized and that it would be a waste of time... Despite our trying to reassure her, she asked us not to come back... However, as we were walking away sister Taylor and I couldn't help but start laughing... Heavenly Father is so good at proving points... Moral of the Story: The entire title is necessary and people do indeed remember it.

  Funny Story #2: We were visiting a recent convert named Sister D___. She's older, related to Elvis Presley, and is super funny by somehow combining spunk and sweet... I'm not sure how else to describe her... but we were talking about the scriptures and somehow she jumped to the story of Adam and Eve... we just went with it and suddenly in a completely matter-of-fact way, yet still with a bit of spunk she said "I don't think the fruit that they ate was an apple" we laughed and said "Why do you say that?" She looked at us and said "Well I've been eating apples all my life and I'm still just as dumb... and isn't that what that tree was supposed to help with?" We laughed and I agreed saying "You're right, I don't feel near as inspired when I'm eating an apple, I like Peaches... peaches are inspiring." She nodded emphatically and said "Yeah! Peaches are really good, I think it was a peach!" So there you have it folks... the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil... was a peach. I'm sister Foster and I approve this message.

  Funny Story #3 This Sunday sister Taylor and I were really really craving Dr. Pepper, (we're both addicts) and Sister Taylor turned to me at one point and said "I've never been so tempted to break the sabbath." We both laughed and agreed that no matter the craving we wouldn't break the sabbath... well later that day we were having a meeting with a lady named D.S. and in the middle of the lesson (of course, when else would it be) she got up and asked us if we would like a Dr. Pepper, caught off guard we both said Oh! We would love one! ha-ha God blesses those that keep his commandments. #strawberryshortcake2

  Spiritual story: So this week we were able to sing in specialized and we sang the words of "I know that my redeemer lives" to the song "Hark all ye nations" Sister Taylor sang it at her farewell and it was beautiful. We sang the 1st and last verse of I know that my Redeemer lives and then finished on the last verse of Hark all ye nations. Sometimes I wish that for Fast and Testimony meeting we could just read or sing the hymns as our testimony. I know that my redeemer lives, and that we have been chosen by God to serve him below. That to every land and people we must go! Oh how glorious from the throne of god, shines the gospel.. light of truth and love. Bright as the Sun, this heavenly ray lights every land today. 

I love this work, I love my savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ. I love my Heavenly Father who sent him and sent me to help my fellow brothers and sisters. I'm so grateful for the call, and for all of you that help me better fulfill that call. :D Thank you! Have a blessed week, and know that even though this isn't a 10th of all that I've learned this week... that I hope it's what needed to be said. Keep it Cool

~Sister Taylor Foster

P.S. During Sacrament there was a man named David Lavetter (does anyone in my AZ family know him?) he said something really cool, that we might invite people to come to church by inviting them to come and take the sacrament and to feel the spirit... Maybe y'all could try that out? I'm going to try it out. Will you? and Will you report back how it goes for you? I'll do the same. :D
This is me right before I dyed my hair

Dramatic Pics of my new RED hair

 This is us at the door of our new apartment :D and my new hair


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