Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 19th Uncle Grandpa

Alright y'all... buckle up... this week was a good un fer stories!!!

Sooooo once upon a time (last Monday) the sister in the area next to ours "killed" (aka sent home) her companion so we had planned for her to come to our area and go to the transfer meeting with her... well, haha! Heavenly Father had other, not so organized and nice plans... instead, she was going to be transferred as well. So we reorganized our plans and were able to successfully secure the truck from the elders so we could bring two sisters, their stuff, and their bikes back *mission accomplished!* Haha!! Oh but yet again there's a spin to the plot... the sisters are being white-washed with Elders! *Deflated face* well, now we have to find a ride that can both take sister H__ and bring elders back... and that sure ain't us... *insert chaos* so then we're calling and calling... and nobody can... so we just hope.
  Next day, ton of cleaning and packing and goodbye's. 1st we met one of THE CUTEST FAMILIES in the entire world (i mean besides my own of course)... so, she's the super sassy African American lady and her daughter Crishawnda. She was the cutest of all the little 3 year-olds ever. She took our pictures and we jumped together and basically we're besties... which was a huge highlight in the chaos. Then we went to this lady named Thelma's house. She is a professional seamstress and has a picture of Thomas S. Monson wearing a tie she made... it's super sparkly and hilarious... but does he pull it off? Yes, yes he does. We met a ton of other people but those two were my favorite... well almost. That night we had dinner with super awesome family... aka The Yorks. Those of you 2nd ward readers may remember them. Their 2 sons got really sick with the swine flu when they lived in our ward about 2.5 years ago. I only vaguely remember them but... we got to have dinner with them AAAAND they were able to take sister H__ and bring back the elders! YAY FOR THEM!!! And Heavenly Father, he's the real mastermind. 
  Then we came back to Paragould! Yay! I love Paragould, it's a beautiful place. Honestly there's like 50 other stories I could tell... but I'm getting tired and I have to finish on the story that the title is based on. :D
  (Don't worry Missionary work is going well we found 3 new super awesome people that I'll tell you more about when I have more time. Dawn is progressing and we're super happy!!!)

  Okay, so once upon a time our recent converts told us a story... about Uncle Grandpa... So Uncle Grandpa is her Step-dad... and when her step-dad divorced her mom he ended up remarrying his brothers ex-girlfriend who had had his brothers child so now his kin is kin twice.... I wish I could tell it the way she told it, but just know... Life is crazy... :D

  On a more spiritual note, we had stake conference this week and Elder Thompson of the 70 who came last year came again... and we were able to talk and it was extremely uplifting... also I was able to be a member of the 1st ever Searcy Stake choir. We signed a paper and everything for records... Which I thought was quite exciting. :) As well as I've been studying "Brightness" lately... super cool. Highly recommended!!! 

Love y'all, be safe, remember who you are, continue in your grooviness,

Sister Taylor Foster
 Did I forget to mention Sister Taylor had a birthday?

Yeah... I'm the worst. :P haha Happy b-day Sister Taylor!!!

 It's like I got a fever, and the only cure is more... cowbell

What do we do on our P-Day?  dress up in camo and call it a party! Hahaha we took these pics for Sister Taylor's significant other's birthday. :D I thought it was a blast (my idea)

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