Tuesday, January 27, 2015

January 12th ROOTS...blessed roots.

I'M STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO IS SISTER TAYLOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Y'all this is parting the red sea status when it comes to miracles... I was trying so hard to prepare for being transferred yet again, man I love being wrong when it comes to bad news. :D My cup runneth over and I am just so full of joy!!! 

Okay y'all... Let's talk about how real God is, and how funny he is. Story time!!! Once upon a time when I was a little nina in Danville... there were some members there. A whole family of them. The grandma was in the nursing home, the mom was awesome, and her daughter and their family... And I just loved them. Then fast forward about 4.5 months, I was going to church being my regular missionary self and there was this older couple sitting on the back row. I didn't recognize them so I went to introduce myself. I was talking to the husband and maybe it's hindsight bias but I knew that I recognized the wife from somewhere... regardless, I was talking to the husband of this couple and his name is bro S____ and somehow we got talking about dirt roads and back roads and I decided to quote KT from Danville... "Highways don't care, but backroads do" and when I told them that was from one of my very best friends from Danville the wife and the husband jumped and the wife said "That's where I'm from!!!" and I was like.... really? She said yes! Do you know P__ (the mom from danville) and I was like YES!!! and I know Jo___ ( the grandma) and used to visit her everyday... we freaked out and laughed... Well, she never joined the church but has invited us over to talk... needless to say, extremely excited, overjoyed, shocked, and lastly Tickled. :D Boy I'm super excited to get to know her more. :D 

Spiritual Experience: Right now our whole mission is reading the New Testament... highly reccomended. Pilate's wife=so awesome. Also... the gospels are just so awesome, and made even more awesome by JST 

I love y'all so much, be safe, be good, be reverent... but most importantly...

Keep Calm
Trust God

~Sister Taylor Foster

Last P-day we got to tour Riceland and learn more about rice.
Rice= 2nd biggest crop in AR
AR produces 50% of Americas rice
Brown rice just has an extra layer that isn't peeled off
this is what rice looks like :D

Our district with Miss Arkansas Rice
 Different kinds of rice

A funny looking award on Riceland's wall    

 a beautiful gazebo :D

 I found KT in a town called piggot!

A really pretty sunset in the middle of nowhere :D

from the "Best" sister Foster around ;) 

GPS got us super lost in the middle of nowhere so we took a pic on the bridge

 This lady lived in the house of a less-active and totally set up an appointment to meet with us. We thought she was the less active, but she just happened to have the same last name. Totally not related at all. But she happened to be from Sister Taylor's home town and lived in her paper-route. Ha ha... there are no coincidences.


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