Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I can't think of a good title...

  Well y'all... LIFE=CRAZY. All I have to say is "oh be wise" because that's what I've learned this past week. Just be wise, and if you don't feel wise, pray for wisdom... cause you need it more than that donut somehow being able to nourish and strengthen your body. Seriously, I don't mean to sound rude but... man. Prayers are so stinkin' powerful! I wish I knew how to describe how much my testimony has grown when it comes to prayer...
  I guess it's kinda like you have two options... Fred-Flinstones car, or *insert really nice dream car*... duh, you'd go for the 2nd one everytime... except maybe halloween, but ignore that. Prayer rocks! 
  But yeah, this week was super cool. We've found several FAMILIES and I am so stinking excited to get to teach them... my only fear is that transfer calls are next week... Pray for me. Haha, I know that God will call me where I need to go, and I'm willing... I just super love Sister Taylor and this area and our people we're teaching, and the branch. *Random Fact: Our branch president sounds EXACTLY like my Pappa Lonny... like their voice, their mannerisms, everything... It's happy. And I seriously just love it here. I don't know if I've been able to fully express my love for paragould... but it's deep. 
   Story for this week... There was this name that stood out to us on the branch roster and we were going down there and the GPS took us the opposite way... so after like getting mega-lost we finally figured out where this person lived... then it was like a scene out of a scary movie. We pull up to this old house and go up to the front door... We knock and then I see this sign saying that they were disabled and to go to the back... so we went and knocked on the back, and it was one of those old screened in porches... There were a couple lights on... and this old lady like slowly emerges from the back door and walks to the porch door... so we say hi and she looked at us like we were crazy... and then says almost the exact line from scooby-doo "What are you kids doing here so late?" and I'm like well we got lost and... She totally cuts us off and like banishes us from ever coming back... going back to the car we were like... Ummm did that really just happen. So as we pull away I start laughing super hard because I hear in my head "Rooby-snacks???!!!" and "Raggy?!" and all sorts of quotes from scooby-doo. So just know... Scooby-doo and I totes saw a ghost and were banished. 


Life is good! Have a blessed week and continue in your grooviness!

Sister Taylor Foster

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