Tuesday, February 17, 2015

FEB 9th Happy Valentine's week!

Pues, Pues, Pues, quien estamos aqui?

Well, this week was full of the usual... aka MIRACLES!!!!! I know I know, it's starting to get boring. I really should find some disasters or something... ;) Haha jk, ain't nobody got time for dat! Yup yup.

Wednesday we went on my very first Blitz which is when the Sister Training Leaders both come to your area and you do splits and get a TON done. It was amazing. we found a couple potentials but basically the best part was the sleepover. #childhoodfulfilled. Seriously, I mean there were lots of miracles, but that was super good for me mental health. 

Reece=awesome!!! She's the partmember getting baptized in march. She's invited one of her guy-friends to hear the lessons and he came to church and has been reading and everything!!!! SO COOL!!! non-member missionary just being super legit! After we had some super cool lessons with them and he had left she gave me the best gift of my life. She's a crocheted minion. She's beautiful and crazy, her name is Norma-jean. She's the best ever. 

We were also able to meet with Dawn and her daughter Amanda (Danville relatives) and that was really good although neither of them were able to come to church. :( We still have hope though! Never give up! Never surrender! 

Okay, time for the best part of the week COOL STORY TIME *Bill nye theme song* COOL COOL COOL IT'S TIME FOR STORY TIME!!!!

So we met with Glenda (the lady that approached us) basically, she's only the coolest lady in the entire universe... She told us she'd been praying this past week to be led to the full truth. While reading the bible (she's only known christianity for 3 years) she hasn't been able to find a church who's doctrine doesn't conflict. Lately she's been absolutely DEVOURING the lessons. In-between our 1st and 2nd lesson she read 60+ pages of the book of mormon and came to church. She is so excited.... although she did freak out in Gospel Principle when she found out that Christ was Jehovah and created the world... but we talked to her later and I think she's gonna be okay. Keep them prayers comin! :D She's so great. She's 70 years old and 83 lbs... the cutest old lady in the whole world. Her 1st concern was that church's don't have a health or morality code... yeah, no joke #wordofwisdom #lawofchastity #godisgood!!! Let's just say her concerns are so awesome and a complete testimony that God can reveal truth to anyone. 

Well I hope y'all have a grrrrreat valentines day, I love y'all and hope that you have a blessed week!

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this is a pic we took as we were leaving memphis... Sister Taylor=genius.

~Sister Taylor Foster

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