Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Feb 16th It's Winter!

Well y'all in case you didn't know it is now officially winter... why? What makes now different? Well, we are experiencing our first snowfall... so my mind can now accept that it's winter. 

Guess what??? This week waaaaaas _________!!! 

a) freaking awesome
b) ridiculously miraculous
c) randomer than ever
d) all of the above

For those of you in school I apologized for the ptsd you may be experiencing. For those of us who are not... enjoy the chuckle. The correct answer is d... as I'm sure you all guessed, for those of you who chose correctly... raise your right arm high in the air.... then bend it reaching for your neck... then pat your left shoulder blade 2 or 3 times. For those who missed it... do the same thing but in your head repeat the words "It's gonna be okay" 

Okie Dokie, so this week started with *drumroll* FACIALS!!!! A less active treated us to free facials at murrel normans... aparently they're always free. It was cool. Then we decided that we would be superdy duper awesome and try and find lots of peoples!!! So... we fasted from soda and went finding... hardest thing ever but we were able to talk to a ton of people... They accepted cards and the invitation to visit mormon.org so that's a plus :D 

Then to celebrate Valentines day we decided to heart attack a ton of people!!! When we were going to heart attack Terry's house we were trying to be extra sneaky cause... we were. So we got the hearts all together (i grabbed the tape) and we were just about to get out of the car when I saw some red lights flash in my peripherals... they were the brake lights of Cathy's car... I looked closer and then the light came on and Terry started waving super big at us... defeated we went over there and said hello to him and asked what he was doing in his car outside so late. He said there were people pokin' in his stuff and he meant to let em... "even though their moms wouldn't like it" haha i love this guy. Then we told him we were trying to still be sneaky... and he laughed and said "you ain't that sneaky!!" dang... story of my life. No sneaky points for me. But we still plastered his door with hearts after he promised not to tell Cathy.

Another Walmart miracle. So once again we felt impressed to go to walmart at a random time of day... we walked around for a while and then... lo, and behold!!! A former investigator M____ was right in front of us. We had lost contact with her a month ago and since then she had moved... and if we hadn't of gone to walmart just then... we never would have known she was still interested and wanted to meet.

Once upon a time there was a town named Piggot. Now Piggot is pretty darn far from where we live... it's an hours drive... and we don't go there often simply because of time and mile restraints.. but after church we both had a really good feeling about going to piggot. Now logically it makes absolutely NO sense, we didn't have a ton of time and we have not very many miles. My "logical" side was completely against it as we headed to piggot and i kept having this little voice say "this is foolish" "there's only one person you can see there" "they're never home" and so on. So yup yup. Then we got there... and guess who was home??? Guess who we had an awesome lesson with??? Yup that family.... :D :D It was beautiful!!! 

Have you ever tried a fried pie? Super good in a bad way. Glenda bought a couple for us. So yup, we had an awesome lesson with her, at the beginning she had us read a text that she had sent that we hadn't received that she wanted to stop taking the lessons... we were both devastated because Glenda is just so amazing. As we prayed about what to say we just heard "Stop praying, listen" so I stopped saying a vocal prayer in my head and just listened... after listening for a very long time she told us that she had changed her mind, and wanted to keep meeting because she knew we were sent from God. Just another testament it's really the Holy Ghost that teaches.

Soooooo Friday sister Taylor and I got a call... Sister Taylor and I will both be training next transfer!!! EEEEKK!!! I mean I finished sister Taylor's training, but I was never informed before hand.... so yup. 

Well have a blessed week!! Just know that I know this is God's work, the Book of Mormon is the the word of God. :D

Sister Taylor Foster
The Pond

Sister Taylor

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