Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feb 23rd oooootay....

Soooo this week starts on last monday... but then now that I think of it, that's how it always starts out.... haha whoops. #aca-awkward.

Okay well, last Monday we really did have a crazy storm (for Arkansas, this is all relative). So, when we were walking home (... well for those of you who know me well, and have seen me try to walk on ice, you know that it's a miracle I didn't break every bone in my body... ) Sister Taylor and I saw this SUPER nice escalade #skinnerluvs . It pulls up next to us and this lady (who I truly believe was Sandra Bullouk's inspiration in the Blind Side) yells out in her beautiful southern accent "What are you gurls doin?! Where are you headed?!" I yelled out the name of our complex past the wind and she said "Get in!" The spirit told us that all was well so we bolted (as carefully as possible with several inches of snow under our feet) into the car which sported seat warmers that were so beautiful I wanted to cry. She asked us again where we were going and we gave her directions. We told her that Monday's were the only day that we could email our families and told her who we were and what we did. She accepted our card and blessed us for all we did, though she wasn't interested in learning more. I really hope that she'll change her mind eventually, but either way... super miracle!!!

(P.S. the reason we had to walk is because there was too much ice on the roads so they forbade driving.)

Then Tuesday and part of Wednesday we were stuck inside... aka super bonding. 

Wednesday D_____ came and picked us up and took us for lunch and we had a lesson with her at the restaraunt #ktmemories. It was awesome. Then we found out from Cathy that her sister's house burned down and Sister Taylor { the ultimate saint} used her Dominoes gift card to buy the sister and her 3 kids pizza... yeah, she's really that cool. It was so great. She was like... oh it's really no problem but the kids were obviously like FOOD and the mom was like MIRACLE... aka giftcards and sister Taylor are the dream team.

G____ is doing good (the older lady). 

THEN!!!! Okay, so once upon a time... the roads were still kinda bad on Thursday night... but you see, we were supposed to have Zone conference on Wednesday. But... ain't nobody got time to die, so they changed it to Friday.Since Sister Taylor and I were both training, we had to be in Little Rock at 8 am. The drive from Paragould to Little Rock is 3 hours soooooo we went to Searcy to stay the night with the sisters (Sister Thompson was one of them HOLLA!!) and honestly I took some games and soda cause everyone told us that Thursday night we were gonna have another real bad storm of sleet, then freezing rain.  Sooo, I was getting ready to bunker down... and then the storm didn't hit Little Rock,  so the meeting wasn't cancelled. It did hit Searcy (*insert 2ish inches of black ice* YEESH!!!! ) We left the apartment on time to get there with time to spare... but then our ride cancelled and there was drama loading this bike and stuff... and then our ride decided to let us ride with her anyways, even though the roads were super crummy... and a 1 hour ride became a 2.6 hour ride. We arrived just for Zone Conference but completely missed out training.... *EEK* but yup, God will prepare a way. 

Umm I'm sure there are other stories but I'm honestly real tired and I need to pack cause I'm getting TRANSFERRED... for those of you who haven't served a mission, since I'm training and getting transferred, that either means me and my trainee with both be new in a different area or I'll be follow-up training in a new area for me (which is what I did with Sister Taylor) so yup yup. Pray for me and my new companion whoever she is and wherever we may go. :D

I hope that all is well with y'all and that life is good :D God bless every aspect of your lives and know that I pray for y'all. :) ;D Be safe! Remember who you are!

Sister Taylor Foster

P.S. they cancelled the trip to the Temple today cause of the weather. :(

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