Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Feb 23rd *drummmmm rolllllll pleasssse* (email from Taylor's companion, Sister Taylor)

Taylor sent this for the stories she missed: it is from Sister Taylor (her companion) to her family

I get to stay in Paragould!!! Seriously guys, I didn't sleep at all last night. Patience and I are yet to be tight. Now I just have to wait till Wednesday to meet my new companion/the sister I'll be training. There are a bunch of new sisters coming in this transfer and a handful of them are waiting for their visas to serve in Taiwan. So there's totes a chance I'll have to study a new language for an hour each day my new companion is going to Taiwan. Weirdness! 

Ice, ice baby ~ Like I mentioned last week, Arkansassers don't know how to drive.....at all. So Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday we were told to stay inside ALL day. Oh dear....Sister Foster played so card games and were so bored that we had hour long reading discussions on the Old Testament. Yep, 'twas super boring. But the apartment is squeaky clean and I can tell you random definitions from the Bible Dictionary. Church was cancelled yesterday and the temple trip today was cancelled....:(
On Wednesday the Hansens took us down to Searcy so we could go with the Searcy sisters to our Zone Conference in Little Rock. Normally from Searcy to Little Rock it takes one hour........THREE hours, 2 semi trucks in the ditch, tons of fish tailing, and infinite prayers later....we made it.
Zone Conference was fantastic! And guess who's in my zone??? Elder Christopher Argyle :) It was beyond fun to see FAMILY! He actually spoke and it was very powerful and awesome. Fun stuff! They just had a baptism with an awesome dad and daughter. 
President Wakolo's talk was fantastic. Most of the meeting we go to focus soooooooo much on baptism, and you normally leave feeling like crap that you haven't set a baptismal date with everyone you've ever looked at. Haha but President Wakolo got up, put his arms in the air and said like a Baptist preacher, "Slow is fast! Fast is slow!" He went on to share (with tears in his eyes the entire time) that he was a man who would not let his wife even have a Book of Mormon in their home. He finally let a pair of missionaries into their home, hoping to Bible bash. Over 20 missionary pairs later.....his heart softened, when a missionary who was literally on his first day mission, shared a scripture in the Bible and how it worked with the Book of Mormon. He went on to teach that spreading joy and service to everyone we meet is just as important as baptisms, and to absolutely never give up on anyone. It=amazing.

D. S. heard that we were stuck inside so she came all the way down from Rector in her ginormous truck and took us out for Mexican Food and then to get groceries. It was the sweetest thing ever! The poor girl had to have 2 of the same procedures I had last year, earlier this week.....so we mega bonded. While she was going through all the sucky medical stuff she finally turned all the way over to trusting the Book of Mormon. Since then it's been even more miraculous with her! She had a light in her eyes before, but this time she has a purpose. it's hard to explain the difference, but it's been outrageous to witness. 

Remember that family that we felt impressed to see last week all the way in Piggot?? Well Saturday we felt like we should see them again. It.Was.Fantastic. They are super solid and know that they've had a wake up call. We get to start teaching their kids and her husband this week :) Sister Vaughn also sent us over to her friends house. It was the best door knock I've ever experienced! He told us that he and his wife and three kids have felt a difference of doctrine in their own church and were literally just searching for something new and asked us to come back this week so we could teach his whole family. We have hit the gold at the end of the rainbow, my friends!

Well today will be a busy ol' day saying goodbye to lots of people for Sister Foster, so I better get going, but there wasn't a ton of stuff to do this week. Mainly studying, card games, and trying not to fall on our faces in ice :) 
G= absolutely amazing. 
C + T = fantastic. We're going over there right now! Terry is teaching us pool on PDays. 
A+ B = we didn't get to see them this week because their street was covered in ice! But we'll see them this week :)
V family = going over there for dinner tonight :D
F. A. = Came back for the weekend!! We got to see her yesterday and she was hilariously wonderful as always. I've forgotten how much I absolutely love and miss that girl. It was such a fun surprise.

And to close - here's the newest Arkansas joke of the week:
Did you know that it was an Arkansas man who made the toothbrush?
Cause if it was made by anyone else it would be called a TEETHBRUSH!

Have a super happy week!!!!! 

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