Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mar 23rd People to find, and gorillas to hug

So this week was basically super fun in a productive push through to the end kind of way. Basically the work has been a lot of finding recently and not a lot of it has seemed very effective, but well "Just do it" from Nike kinda sums up our motto. BUT!!! Not all is lost because... Da dada DAAAAAAHHHHH

Cool story time: So once upon a time Sister Mathison and I really really have wanted to teach a family, so we've been praying super specifically to find elect families... then a few days after this started we were walking down the street and this guy was across the street, don't worry we crossed the street and started talking to him... and he was super interested (he has 3 girls 13,11,an 9) good prime numbers eh? And so we were super excited to go teach him and got a member to come with us in case there were no other female adults... well he was a no show, and so we got to go finding with this member!!! Both doors we knocked on had people that were interested... the Second door belonged to a guy named J___ he and his Step sister and her boyfriend and their son are now taking the discussions. J____ came to church and loved it. Their neighbor A___ and her 3 sons are also now taking the discussions!!!!

Basically teaching families is the best!!!

All we've found is families this past week, I've been getting a lot of encouraging emails about digging in till the end. I promise that I am, that I've not given up, nor will I. Thank you for any and all the support you've shown in the past and any you plan on showing in the future. :D I really do appreciate it.

As for the gorilla.... please enjoy a glimpse into Sister Mathison and I's adventures (this was done on the way to a dinner appointment... we saw him at a park)

His name is Kendrik

Random Gnome Village we came across on our way to a dinner appointment!

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