Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mar 30th Da Last Email

I'd like to start this email with a Poem: *clear throat*

When God first made me,
I wonder what he said.
I look and think and ponder,
till it hurts my little head.

When I was sent here,
I wondered every day...
How can I help these people?
What could I ever say?

My purpose I knew
To bring others to Christ,
But what can I ever do?!
This was Satan's whispered fight.

When God first made me,
He gave me different gifts.
My mission helped me find them,
Within every transfer trip.

Every heart I meet,
And every prayer I voice...
Strengthens my testimony,
That our blessings stem from choice.

This choice I've made to serve 
doesn't end on a certain night,
I'll keep on choosing good,
And fighting the good fight.

Well... this week has been crazy! We set a wedding baptism date with Nancy and Wiley for the 18th... but Nancy had a heart attack... so we're waiting to see if we need to push it back, she's had some more stints put it and stuff... Yeah. OH!!! we're moving, yup. A gang spray painted our back porch and stapled a target there too... which apparently means "You're next" yeah... so we're moving! Yeah for safety! Not yeah for last Monday... but hey, ADVENTURE TO THE END!!! :) 

Okay so back to the poem... basically I just am trying to fit in the emotions of my change on the mission. It's not that I've changed a ton, but my view on myself and my future and who God see's me as has changed a ton. I don't really know if I fit that in there and I don't really know if that's my final draft... but well I feel really strongly that my mission isn't ending... it's just changing to a different area and dress code. I know that I won't be set apart or have a tag, but this isn't the end. I'm sure tons of missionaries say cheesy lines like that... But I REALLY mean it. This work has no end, I'll just be the member in the Member presents... or something, but the work will go on in my life... cause it's my work. To quote Disney "Keep moving forward!" :D

Well have a blessed week! See y'all soon!

Sister Foster

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