Monday, November 25, 2013


Why is life so fantastic???? Let me tell you :D It's because of prayer and obedience. :D There, I said it. The secret is out, it's loose, it's free, and it's changing the world. This week was a huuuuge eye opener. You see, I asked for strength in order to be exactly obedient as well as to find ways to serve my companion who has been serving me left and right... Well these two things were answered by Sister Bradford becoming really ill. While she slept I was held to the same high standard of getting up, exercising, studying and so forth... which, in case you were wondering is extremely hard. But now I don't really have any problem getting up and going. Prayer works, work with it. In the same experience I've been able to help sister Bradford as she's been ill, by helping with little things... like making her herbal tea and such. This has really increased my love for her unlike anything else.
   The Relief Society party was amazing!!!!! 3 Returning members attended, as well as T____. And after the party T____ was completely different. She was comfortable, she was happy, and... she had been smoke free for 38 hours.... Almost a new record. Her whole attitude and demeanor has changed. We went over after the party and the spirit in her house made me want to leap and dance and all sorts of things that aren't very dignified to express my joy. She told us that "I'm getting baptized on December 14th, no matter what nobody says." She admitted that before she still had her reservations but now she was willing to do her all, and that no matter what she was going to be baptized. She's going to be attending the Addiction Recovery program through the Church tomorrow, and she's just so close!!!! Eeek!!! I'm so happy. I'm more happy than I've ever been in my whole life. This sunday T____ and Q____ came to church as well as Brother Du____ and Brother De_____ who are also our investigators. :D The R.S. lesson was on Elder Ballards talk "Put your Trust in the Lord" and Sister H____ asked us to talk about missionary work and our goals as missionaries... She also asked us to talk about as a missionary what it means to have a "White" Christmas. As we talked about our purpose, our goals, and our love for our investigators... T_____ was looking at us with so much love it was all I could do not to cry... Because in that look, was my Savior. I know he lives, I know God lives and loves us. I cannot count the miracles I have seen. 
  Currently I'm participating in a mission-wide 40 day fast. Not from food or water, but from bad habits. 3 days ago we fasted from food and water for 24 hours and during our personal study time we made a list of at least 10 things we felt impressed to not do for 40 days in order to become closer to God and more exactly obedient. As I've prayed for the strength to fast from these things... I feel so much closer to heaven. :D 
  I've been studying Christlike attributes and Faith has really hit home. I don't have a perfect knowledge, but I have hope in things unseen... and that hope is so powerful. :D Hope=Power. I've had this dream lately where I've gotten a letter from someone who really needs help... but I'm in my pajama's... and I'm trying to get dressed, but this person keeps following me around and hiding my clothes, once I find my clothes though this person keeps trying to pay me off, saying someone else will take care of it. To just relax, get into my pajama's again. It's time for sleep. Tomorrow we can help them... but every time I just remembered my friend and knew I needed to go. I know that we all are needed right now to help our friends. :D I know it, and I know God know's it... so I cannot deny it. 
   I hope all is well with y'all. My prayers are with you, as well as my love. Hope to hear from y'all soon!
Sister Foster

Taylor at Relief Society learning how to make a Bow! 


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