Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Lesson Week

It all started with Sports… We played Volleyball on Monday, it was beautiful. Two and a half straight hours of volleyball… I was in heaven. :D :D    Then, Tuesday we walked seven miles, Wednesday we were in the ER pretty much all day waiting for Sister Bradford to get an X-Ray since she couldn't walk on her foot anymore… They said they couldn't see anything so we think 1 of 3 things. 1) She's got a really tiny stress fracture, 2) somethings wrong with her tendons, or 3) her arches are collapsing… n any case, she's got a Post-op shoe she's been wearing around and Bike Week was pretty hard… since she couldn't walk that far or bike that far… and everyone was spending time with their families. But we did our best and boy were we blessed for it. :D I don't have much time and I forgot my almighty source of memory (my journal) so I'll close by telling you about our investigators that we were able to see.
  Yesterday we saw T______ and Q______, D______, and Brother De_____. Even though we were unable to see T&Q since Tuesday she's been smoke free for 2 days now!!!! Life is good, God is good, Prayers work! D____'s husband B_____ won't let her get baptized and so she was pretty devastated… but we've felt good about continuing to go over there as much as is appropriate to continue teaching her in hopes of keeping that desire alive and softening her husbands heart. If you could pray for her and for her husband we'd really appreciate it. Brother De_____ is a living and breathing miracle. I love him. I know that as he continues to learn that he'll know this is the true church. 
  So this week I had some awesome studies about the Stripling warriors, their story is so applicable to my life right now. I love the question in verse 44 of Alma 56. "What say ye my sons (and daughters) will ye go against them to battle?" The time is here. It's so cool/crazy that every day we are waging in a war against Satan. D&C 19: 31-32. Look it up. It's awesome. :D 
  Story from Brother De____ so he was on his way to work and he still hadn't read and was thinking to himself, "When am I going to be able to read Alma 32?"  He couldn't think of a time since he had been on vacation, was behind on work, and we were coming over the next day. He said, "all of a sudden I felt this sense of peace and I just knew that I'd have time at work to do it. I had forgotten my Book of Mormon at home, but sure enough there was time at work so I googled Alma 32 and it just popped up… I read it and everything I read just seemed to Mesh into my life." 
  God is good. :D :D I'm so grateful to be here, I know that we are where we are for a reason, and I'm so happy. Christmas music is playing in the Background, my joy is full. :D Hope to hear from y'all soon! Love and Pray for you,
Sister Foster

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