Monday, December 16, 2013

Twas the week before Christmas...(when Taylor got her wish!)

Okay so this week was CRAZY!!!! But... first and Foremost. T______ AND Q__________ GOT BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!! Am I excited? Yes.. Yes I am. :D They sure weren't kidding when they said salvation isn't a cheap experience though I can tell you that. We had to fight every waking moment against this that the other and the other other. Ya, pretty crazy. Can't even tell you. She got interviewed on Thursday by our district leader, Then by our Mission President on Friday, then baptized on Saturday, Then confirmed on Sunday. Sooooo Ya. But it was so worth it. Every bit of it. In fact every thing that made it harder made it more worth it... weird right? I think that's how life is though, everything that makes life tough totally makes life even more enjoyable.
  Soooo cool story: On Tuesday we were doing everything we could to get a hold of T______ to make sure we were still good for our appointment... 6 calls later we decided we'd just go and pray that she would be there. (Since the wreck she's relied on her sisters to take her shopping which makes her dependent on their schedule which is always really hard to nail down, not to mention her phone is shaky at best). So we went trusting and hoping that all would turn out well. T______ lives in... the humbler part of town which also means there are a few more... shady characters in her neighborhood. One of these said characters is The Creeper in the Car. That was his official title until Tuesday. He lives in the Apartment next to T_______and was always in his car smoking something watching us... sorta scary, and I guess I never had the guts or the feeling to approach him.... Until Tuesday. T______ wasn't home so we walked back to our car, ever in the gaze of the Creeper.... When all of a sudden Sister Bradford calls out "have a good day sir!" In a bit of shock I look at her and think what is she doing???? She said "He's a son of God" and then as we were about to get in the car he called out to us. "Who are you gals? I always see you coming and going like you have important things to do... What are you here for?" Instantly I was humbled. This child of God had been there, waiting, the entire time we had been teaching T_______and never once had we reached out. Always afraid. We immediately repented and went over and began to talk with him about why we were here, our important work, and left him with a Book of Mormon and a card and invited to read it, testified of the truthfulness and blessings that we've witnessed and he said he'd talk to his girlfriend to see if we could come over some time to teach and that he'd be in his car... I don't know if there was a change in his countenance or in my eyes but I say, he looked different by the time we left. His name is C_______ and his girlfriend is D______. The next time we went to see T______ she wasn't there but we were with a member and went to talk to C______ in his car again. He had MILLIONS of questions and they were good ones too. We talked outside his car for about 1/2 an hour just speaking about the gospel, our standards, the differences between Baptist, and LDS churches. The Spirit was soooo strong, he said he'd pray about it and is reading the Book of Mormon. His Girlfriend won't allow us to teach her.... so we'll keep going and having car conferences. :D So ya, everything happens for a reason. Trials are blessings in disguise. :D I love this gospel, I hope this letter was a little better than last weeks. :D So many stories I could tell, but I'll just leave you with this one since it's awesome. Oh!!! Brother De______ is praying about a Baptismal Date!!!! As well as this Sunday, Sister S and Brother V who haven't been to church in a really long time came!!! After T______ and Q_________ were baptized, they came and helped us rake leaves at Brother V_______'s house, apparently it made an impression. The work progresses. :D :D :D So glad to be a part of it!!! Love y'all and hope everything is going well with you. Hope to hear from you soon :D
Sister Foster

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