Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Miracles!

Ummmmmmm Wellllll..... This week was so awesome I'm kind of overwhelmed.... WHAT TO SAY!!!! Ahhhhhh!!! Phew, okay. Um so I guess I'll start at the very beginning... that's a very good place to start. So Heavenly Father Loved us so he had this plan... Ha, okay maybe we'll talk about that later. Fast Forward. So this week our teaching pool looked very very sad. After T_______&
Q ________were baptized all but one of our investigators stopped progressing... So this week we prayed a lot. It's generally pretty difficult to find here in Germantown but we prayed for miracles and guess what?? They happened. Of course it was difficult in between the miracles but we just kept going.
  First, We are all given every talent for a reason. Second, Promptings are super weird sometimes. Third, We felt prompted to make treats and use up the treats that were given to us by the members we live with into Christmas Plates and go caroling to the returning members, part member families, as well as we were asked to deliver anonymous gifts to the less fortunate families in our ward... So we did. We saw lots of people and once again my testimony that treats and music soften peoples hearts was magnified... People who normally wouldn't speak to us spoke, those who wouldn't come to church came. And the miracle of miracles... One of the families we delivered things to asked us if we had some time to meet some of his friends in the Gated community he lived in.... Of course we had time. By the end of the night we had 8 new investigators who were all very excited to learn more about their friends church. 2 of those investigators actually lived with an inactive member that we didn't even know about!!! As we followed up with these individuals we've gained more investigators as they've invited their families to come listen. We now have 13 investigators!!!!!!!
   Cool quote "How can the holy ghost comfort you if you never leave your comfort zone?" 1 of these investigators only speaks Spanish. My comfort level was leagues behind me as I confronted the possibility of attempting to speak a language where I could only barely get through a normal conversation... let alone teach life changing ideas and doctrine. But as I prayed for the ability to help her understand, and wracked my brain for the words.... as I opened my mouth to start giving the lesson the daughter came down and offered to translate. God answers prayers to those who are willing to leave their comfort zone. Don't worry, Abuelita, I still spoke as much Spanish to her as I could, and I'm planning on trying to attain a spanish Preach my Gospel so that should that situation happen again I would be prepared.
   I am so glad to be part of this work. I'm so grateful that God took a chance and allowed me to serve his precious children. Members are the key to this work. I love you all. Merry Christmas!!!!
Sister Foster

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