Monday, December 30, 2013

a Week of Wonders.

Well this week was super cool. I got to meet with lots of neat people. I met with one of the "returning members" her name is R_____ B____. She goes to church, just not ours because her work is travelling so she attends wherever she is. SHE IS AWESOME!!! God doesn't make any junk. In case you were wondering, nope it doesn't happen. :D I guess I also got to talk with my family too which was pretty cool (hahaha just kidding it was awesome). :D :D and see how they were doing. It's kind of weird because at this point I would usually tell you how their doing... but I guess most of y'all know better than I do. Ha! Weird.
  So I'm not getting transferred so this will be my 3rd transfer in Germantown (Yesssssssss!!!!!!). I love it here!!! :) We met with C_______ (the creeper in the car) again! He's doing well! He's been reading the Book of Mormon and praying to know if it's true, he already has the beginning of a testimony and we were able to set up a formal appointment with him. We left him with more reading and the Restoration DVD so it should be a pretty awesome discussion since he asks really great questions.
  Coolest part of the week though is... We set a Baptismal date for Brother De______ for the 25th of January, on Christmas. Best gift ever. Not to downplay the other gifts I received (which were wonderful!!! Thank you!!!) but to be able to be a part of his decision to be baptized... Priceless. :D
Not really sure what to write except something I learned.
Nothing is mine... it's all God's. I know that sounds superly duper cheesy, but I guess I've just always really treasured having control... over my life and other things... hahahaha ya... I don't have control over anything except how I use what's God's. God's time, God's gifts, God's talents, God's Knowledge... all of them are given to me to use... but they aren't mine. That's really helped me be less prideful... Ummm other than that. Keep to the essentials. Go back to basics. There's way more depth in Primary Answers than I ever believed. Prayer, Scripture Study, and Going to Church=Power from God. It's intense. :D LOVE IT. :D
Well the time has come, Fare thee well, God Bless, and remember.... be good and reverent. ;)
Sister Foster

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  1. Am I allowed to comment? I've been meaning to get on your blog and I finally did! It is so much fun to hear your stories and feel your enthusiasm for missionary work! I love it! I'll write you a real letter, but I just wanted to leave you a little note so you knew I stopped by. Love you!