Saturday, January 11, 2014

Walking Week...of wonderfulness!

Well this week was super awesome, We got to teach lots of awesome people!!! We have 3 baptismal dates set. As well as 1 person who has been coming to church for about 2 years and is ready to be baptized next week... we found out yesterday. Yesterday was pretty great! A___ and K___ and their family came to church. K___ is A___'s mom. A___ and her daughter M____ are our baptismal dates. K___ was baptized when she was little, but her mother became an Evangelist preacher and she hasn't been back since. They are so prepared!!!!!!!! It's super crazy. How many people are prepared to receive this gospel. They are only kept from it because they know not where to find it... or in this case they kind of knew where to find it, they just needed a sincere invitation from someone to claim it.
  I feel so close to everyone here. Like we're family... oh wait, we are! :D Ha ha, but seriously. When K___ let us in the other day she told us that we were no longer guests we were family. Then after we taught a lesson the kids proceeded to tell us their life stories as A____ did our nails and we all just talked about life and the gospel and family and troubles... It was so happy, I love it here. I feel so good all the time, Heavenly Father loves us all so much :D It's so wonderful to be the vessel, full of his love and good news. :D I feel so happy!!!!
  Brother C___ De_____ is still good for his baptism on the 25th,  his father-in-law is going to fly over to perform the baptism.... I'm SO EXCITED!!!!! :D :D :D :D He has grown so much, and I feel super blessed to have gotten to seen it. life is good. God is great. :D I know this church is true.

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