Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PREPARE FOR THE ICE AGE!!!...just kidding, it's just raining....again.

Have I ever told you that I LOVE southern winters? They are like Springtime Draaaaawn out, however, due to many of the things that make it wonderful... like the fact it always smells like rain, there's a lot of sunshine, and most things stay green, not to mention the awesome clouds and horizons.... There are a lot more floods, pipes break when it gets "cold", and the ground never fully dries.
   Now, for the reasons I'm telling you this. Once upon a time it got to be 5 degrees here and one of the people that we go talk to Miss. D____'s pipes broke. Being who we are, we decided to go help her clean up and such. One of the things we were asked to do is to replace a light bulb that had gone out so we could see how much water damage was in the closet... Sister Bradford (being the Almighty tall one) began to unscrew the light cover so we could replace the bulb, after two screws were loosed, to everyone's surprise and dismay water came pouring from the cover/fixture right onto Sister Bradford. Of course I was thinking "Don't Die, Don't get electrocuted, please be okay" and she was frozen... soaking... but fine. (Sigh of relief). "Thankfully" we were at Miss D's house which is Full of clothes of all sizes so sister Bradford could let her's dry... She got a denim shirt with Rose Embroidery... She looked awesome :D then (later) when we went to finish the job there were a lot of dead light bulbs... Miss D commissioned me to draw faces on them to make the cute, I willingly obliged, though I have no idea what she used them for. :D I will send pics later... :D
   That night we went to heart attack some returning members... I was entrusted with the precious sticky notes full of love, and commissioned to plaster their door and to ding dong ditch them. For those of you who don't know, Almost all southern door's are mostly glass making this task extremely difficult. Sister Bradford was acting as get away driver... As I approached the house all was clear, so I crouched to where only my arm and the sticky notes were in view. I quickly plastered the door (we've practiced) and readied myself for the knock and run... after knocking I shot off as fast as I knew how (not that fast, but still)... all was well till I tried to cut through their lawn. Beware Southern grass y'all... I went from Vertical to Horizontal in about .2 seconds... Thankfully I recovered quickly (though muddy) and made it to the Car without being sighted... Yes, my pride suffered more than my body... but hey, everything happens for a reason. And they were in church this Sunday (mission accomplished). :D :D 
    Okay miracle time. So we had to go to the store for a member, and since usually we aren't supposed to otherwise I made a pact with myself that I would use every opportunity to find while we were there. As we got out of the Car my first opportunity to find arose. The lady parked behind us was looking around on the ground. I called out "Is everything all right ma'am?" She looked up and smiled. "I lost the cap to my tire after checking the pressure" Forgetting that I was wearing a white skirt I automatically hit the asphalt as Sister Bradford shown her flashlight under the car... After grubbing about I found the lost cap. :D Sister Bradford started in talking about who we were and I wrote down her information, we had an awesome chat and we're going to call her tomorrow to set up an appointment!!!! (another miracle was that my white skirt wasn't dirty at all, God notices the little things :D) her name is G___
    While we were in the store we got two other referrals from Customer Service A____ and C____. A. is super sweet :D Love her, and C seems super nice but we had to hand him over to the Memphis elders... But miracles happen when we put ourselves out there!!!! :D LOVE THE SOUTH!!! God bless Y'all
Sister Foster

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