Saturday, February 15, 2014

IT's so fluffy, I'm gonna die!!

  Okay so this week was super crazy since one of the Walnut Grove sister's went home early so we've been in a trio for a week... living out of a suitcase trying to cover two area's... so there's been a lot that's happened but it's all kind of chaotic in my mind.
   One cool thing that happened, we had a super crazy awesome lesson with Brother D___ and almost set a baptismal date with him... but the next time we went over he called us to tell us that he didn't wanna talk religious... So hopefully this next week we can have another super great talk <3 :D 
   We also got to meet a mystic!!! She's super cool and we got to talk to her for about 3 hours all about our church and the doctrine. And she pretty much told us that she wants to start coming to our church for her boys and that everything we say rings true.... and that if she were ever to join any church it would be ours... but that right now her role is to reach out and help others come closer to Christ (she calls him 'J') without any denomination... She's super awesome and will add a lot of depth to the ward. She is so in tune with the spirit.... I know it sounds crazy, a lot of the things she says do... but they resonate with the spirit. She's super awesome, I love her. :D :D
    We are going to have a baptism this week!!!!! M____ is getting baptised :D she's super cute and excited. Her mom will be joining her after her wedding which will hopefully be soon and maybe even her Step-'dad'!!! The work is progressing!!! Also Her Grandma and mom are super missionaries, they already talk to everyone they know about how awesome the mormon's are and how fun the missionaries are... and they've invited about 5 people to the next Relief Society Activity!!!! Man they are such a testimony to me of how simple missionary work is.. :D LOVE THEM. 
  Life is good. God is great. I love love love my mission and am super excited to find out that I'm actually staying in Germantown another Transfer :D the work is progressing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it. Have a blessed day y'all,
Sister Foster
P.S.  ( Our investigators)  are awesome. A... and J.C. have kinda been super busy lately and I hope they aren't dodging us. A.... and M..... are SUPER. M..... is going to be baptized this week and her mom is going to follow suit (they live with her Grandma who is a member). :D so she has support and her Step-'dad' is super chill about it all and has been asking them questions about our church which makes me think he may be open in the near future. We met a girl named K..... too, I don't know why I forgot her in my big email and she's the girlfriend of a super less active member. She came to church this week with his mom :D She's awesome!!!!! We'll be hopefully setting a date with her on Wednesday before transfers. As well as we're teaching a less actives son and we'll be setting a date with him. :D    T...... and Brother De........ are still doing Awesome. Q......... got the priesthood this week and Brother De........ is getting it next week :D :D Life is good :D Could you add this to my general email I don't know why I didn't talk about everyone ....

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