Monday, February 24, 2014

Modesty's baptism!!!!

  My first New companion in the field. Sister Garbe. Probably one of the nicest, prettiest, sweetest, and talented people I've met thus far. She plays Piano better than anyone I've ever met and has been payed to sing Opera (as her JOB). She's an angel, so patient... but my favorite part is... same exact sense of humor. LOVE IT!!!!
  We're both neat so the past week has been cleaning organizing and polishing up our Area book, apartment, and even ourselves. :D We have so much to learn from each other... even though we came out at the same time we're just learning tons and tons!!!! I love learning, :D :D lot's. Especially when you're doing it with a good friend. She's from Brigham City, UT and is 2 months older than me (in real time) but we're the same age in mission time. :D 
  Life is so good. Modesty is getting baptized this Saturday (we pushed it back for ward and family support) and we were able to talk to Pedro (her step-dad) a little more about marrying Angela.... so That's super duper exciting!!!! Also, we got 5 NEW INVESTIGATORS!!!! 3 of them from Angela who's not even Baptized yet!!! She is an inspiration to me. :D I love love love her. As well as we started to teach a girl named Kelsey. She's dating an inactive so we're teaching her as well as trying to reactivate him. :D She's awesome! 

Also we're teaching a boy named Ethan who is an In-active's son so we're activating him and teaching his son :D I love the people we're teaching, I love the members of this ward both active and inactive. I wish that everyone could come and see everyone through these eyes. Christ loves us all so much. The more I read the Book of Mormon, and study, and act, and pray... the more overwhelming my desire to read and pray and study and act... and the more overwhelming my love becomes for everyone we meet and teach. I love this Gospel, I know it's true, I know that God is love, Christ is love, and the more I wish I could help everyone feel the same. Daily Scripture study is soooo important!!!! We had a 70 Elder Steven M. Thompson came and spoke at our Stake Conference and Oh my goodness!!! :D :D I'm just so happy. It's the small things, it really is the small things that make the biggest difference. Read and Pray (especially for missionary experiences) and you'll be so happy. :D :D Love you all, 
Have a Blessed Day,
Sister Foster :D

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