Sunday, March 9, 2014


  Well we started out this week with little K___'s 1st birthday! He was super cute and we had a blast teaching and then watching him stuff his face with his first sweet thing (an animal cupcake). on Sunday.
It was adorable and it made me wonder at how Heavenly Father feels when he see's us taking our first bite of a blessing too sweet to describe. :D So endearing. I admit I don't have much to report this week since we've devoted most of our time to organizing and Going through the Area-Book, it's probably been the most exhausting week so far. To see so many names discarded or not well taken care of… although it may bode well for the future since we now have a very large stack of potential investigators who apparently were forgotten. As I've studied this week there have been a lot of scriptures about personal responsibility and the principles of work… Which also happened to be our Gospel Doctrine subject

  I read the Parable of the Olive Tree's in Jacob 5 and it's interesting that I never really recognized the example God and Christ have set when it comes to hard work. Exodus 20 says that we shall labor 6 days and then rest… and I had to think back, have I truly been laboring? Have I been working? Diligently? Steadfastly? Thankfully we have the Atonement and I know that I'll be striving a lot harder to live up to all that I can become, to never be an idler… and follow Christ's example in working in His Vineyard that all may be well. My time is up, but I know that Christ lives. It's all true, and I'm so glad to be blessed with this work. Oh, by the way I was asked to speak in Zone Conference! It was super fun, I talked on how we can avoid sin and used the candle analogy of daily tasks which build us up that we can burn brightly… because the only way we won't have a shadow is if we are the light. :D It was super fun! I love analogies. :D Anyways I know y'all wanna know more of what L. Tom Perry spoke about so I'll make that my main letter this next week. :D Love you lots!!! Hope all is well with you, y'all are in my prayers. have a blessed week
Sister Foster :D

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