Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 14 "The Champion" (last weeks email...)

We've been working with several people this past week and have been able to see a lot of success!!! It's been so wonderful, especially with KT she is such a Champion.

6 years ago some really bad things happened that made her hate church, and she swore that she would never set foot in another one ever again. When we first met her she told us the same thing... well after a lot of prayer, lessons, scriptures, and a church tour, she came to church yesterday!!!!! :D 

Here's our description of what happened. We asked for a ride to church and when we got close we sang some very encouraging songs and chanted "You can do it, turn KT turn!!!" she just barely made the turn. When we were sitting in the parking lot and there were lots of people... and she was getting nervous. We thought she might not come in after all and then she just randomly shouted "Oh Lord, just GO!!!" she rushed out of the car.... we went with it. She kind of looked dazed when she walked in and halfheartedly told people her name. When we sat down in the chapel she looked stunned still... but a little less nervous. She stayed all three hours!

Here's her description. I wasn't about to turn, then I did... I wasn't about to get out of the Car but then I felt this overwhelming urge... like someone was tugging my arm and pushing me. And it freaked me out so I just shouted out, and ran out the door. Then when I came into the church,  I felt this really weird feeling... Like 1000 lbs was on my shoulders, and then all of a sudden it was gone. I felt super weird-ed out like... where did it go? And then my heart was goin' 90 to nothin'.... but then I just got super calm. I know that Church can help lift our burdens. That it's not for the Perfect, it's to help those who are struggling. 
   I love church, I love KT's testimony and watching it grow! :D Have a blessed week!

Sister Foster

P.S. this was last week's email that I never got to send

I was getting headaches, so I had to cut my hair. This is my new look: curly

This is my new look: Straightened.....


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