Wednesday, July 23, 2014

JUNE 21 Re: My apologies

I'm sorry that I didn't send a weekly email last week. Our computer froze and we ran out of time... I prolly seemed super vain just sending pics of myself, but I promise we had a TON of success last week. I LOVE DANVILLE!!!
   Last week for P-Day, we went to Mt. Magazine which is the Highest peak in between the Appalachians and the Rocky's... It was relaxing... not much to do, but the view was AMAZING :D *disclaimer* not a lot to do when you're a missionary. There's rock climbing, hang-gliding, and all sorts of fun things for non-missionary folk. :D 
  A& J and D..... are ALL getting BAPTIZED     :D They've come so far. :D I'm just so stinking proud of them. :D 
  (Sorry dad, I know I promised I'd cut back on the smiley's but... :D :D :D :D :D :D THERE ARE NO WORDS :D  )
  KT is doing super well. She's been having a really hard time getting over snuff, but last night when we were talking to her she told us that she had had a long talk with God, and then she took her last can of snuff and threw it away and dumped out her last bottle of whiskey... and she just looked so happy! She told us she was ready to put her life into drive, that she was done with being in Neutral and Reverse. She told us that she knew that it was her time, and she was making this decision for herself, with God's help. She told us that she was going to take us up on our promise of C.P.R. (Church, pray, & read) and was going to get up an hour early to read the Book of Mormon so she could have the strength she needed. This morning she called us to let us know, lately she's been getting about 1-2 hrs sleep, but last night after making that decision she slept soundly till her alarm and that while she was reading she felt peace for the first time in a long time. :D I KNOW the Book of Mormon is true, that it has God's power and it can bless everyone's life no matter where they are, who they are, or what they struggle with. This week I've really gained an appreciation of the Holy Ghost, there have been so many times where I've had no idea what to say, but after saying a little prayer either I or Sister Broach feel inspired to ask a question... or even as we just sit in silence pondering, our investigators have been able to feel the answer that we couldn't put into words. THE SPIRIT ROCKS!!!! :D I just love life. :D I know Heavenly Father loves me, and He loves you too. Have a blessed week, and remember Him always. 

Sister Foster

P.S. KT found 2 4-leaf clover patches. Literally every clover has 4 leaves!!!! I'd upload a pic but it's not uploading so... I'll send one to my mom and she can scan it in :D

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